Tuesday, October 31, 2006



Pregnant Molly Larkin thinks that Sheik Kaliq bin Shalik will graciously accept her resignation, but instead he shocks her by proposing a marriage of convenience. It seems her powerful boss needs an American bride to remain in the country. Since Molly has opened her heart to the wrong man, Molly is in need of a name for her unborn child.

Nevertheless, Molly never expects that the man she's secretly loved from afar will look into her eyes as if they hold the most precious secret. As her life with the Sheik takes her to his desert land of Manasia, Molly begins to ponder whether the fantasy will come to an end in a few months...or develop into something real.


Photojournalist Sara Kinsale is given the plum assignment of filming members of the royal family of Kamtansin, one of the newly emerging Arabian countries on the Mediterranean Sea. But soon after she begins taking shots, she is apprehended, arrested, and accused of being a spy.

When Sheikh Karun bak Samin discovers that Sara is the daughter of the man with whom he has been negotiating oil leases, he takes action to ensure that her arrest doesn't create an international incident. He quickly proposes that he and the blonde beauty marry temporarily, until the oil lease negotiations have been completed. But soon he begins to wonder whether or not Sara will be his bride in name only.


Librarian Bridget Rossi isn't used to mingling with the rich and famous. But after the death of her beloved father, she is invited--through her glamorous, model cousin--to stay at the opulent residence of a powerfully sexy sheikh.

His home in the desert oasis is stunning, but despite the luxury, Bridget discovers a man who's buried his emotions. Ever since Rashid's wife died, his little son has been crying out for his father. Bridget knows she can bring these two lost souls together...the only problem is that in the process, she's falling in love--with both of them!


Laura has been absolutely swept off her feet by a gorgeous new man -- she's never been made to feel so special!

But as they become closer, Talique is torn. Laura doesn't know his real name, the past that drives him, even that he's a sheikh! All she knows is the perfect world he's created for her. And just as his secret plan is about to be revealed, he realizes his intentions have changed: he wants Laura as his bride!

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