Tuesday, October 31, 2006



Saved from certain death in the unforgiving desert of Ramal Hamrah, Lucy Forrester is transported to a world of luxury by her rescuer, Sheikh Hanif. The tender care he offers her is more than Lucy has ever experienced in her loveless life, and she finds herself drawn to the proud Arabian prince, despite his tortured soul.

As Sheikh Hanif helps Lucy recover from her injuries, Lucy wonders if she can heal Hanif's own wounds, and capture this sheikh's guarded heart….


Prince Hassan al Rashid has all the trappings of an international playboy, but underneath his expensive Italian tailoring lies the heart of a true desert prince. In his determination to save his desert land of Ras al Hajar, he decides to attract the world's attention by kidnapping the beautiful fiery-haired English journalist, Rose Fenton.

Wooed to Ras al Hajar to write a flattering piece about reigning Prince Abdullah for a major news magazine, media darling Rose Fenton is instantly fascinated by the appealing Hassan. He is her ultimate fantasy man, but she wonders if pride will ever allow him to see her as suitable marriage material.

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