Tuesday, October 31, 2006



It's been one year since lovely Leona left her husband, Sheikh Hassan ben Khalifa Al-Qadim, and is startled when her spouse abruptly re-enters her life.

At first Leona is angered when she believes Hassan has abducted her, but as they spend time together on his luxurious yacht, headed for the Gulf state of Rahman, his actions are explained and she remembers why she fell in love with him and became his wife.

Unfortunately, the fact that Leona cannot get pregnant is an issue that continues to come between her and her handsome Sheikh. Leona fears that her failure to deliver a child could mean the end of her marriage...or could it?


The whole world is interested in the golden couple, Sheik Raschid Al Kadah and Evie Delahaye. Despite fierce opposition, their passionate, high-profile affair has lasted for two ecstatic years--but soon the relationship will have to come to an end. Raschid is expected to marry an Arabian princess, and Evie's mother is constantly pushing her toward a member of the English aristocracy.

Time is running out, but a drastic turn of events reveals Raschid to be a man of honor. As the Sheik whisks away his love to his native land of Behran, his honor comes to the test when he must choose to turn against the wishes of his family in order to make Evie his bride.


It's been eight years since Englishwoman Melanie Portreath fell in love with Rafiq Al-Qadim, a son of the ruler of Rahman. But when she is cruelly ejected from his life after he believes ugly lies about her, she never gets the chance to tell him that she is pregnant with his child.

Now that her son is old enough to need his father, Melanie is determined to tell Rafiq about the child he's never known. Still embittered by what he believes is her past betrayal, Rafiq doesn't let the beautiful blonde from his past get a word in edgewise. However, when he finally discovers that she gave birth to his child years earlier, he quickly assumes his role of father and seeks to fulfill the role of husband.

Sparks fly when he and Melanie reunite, but are the sparks enough for a lifelong marriage?

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