Sunday, October 29, 2006


Disobedient doesn't begin to describe Tally who is on a photo assignment in a wild and dangerous desert city. When she is involved in a cross fire and rescued or should I say kidnapped by the handsome sheikh Tair, the war of the sexes begins!

Tally and Tair's love story is full of passion, heat, disagreements and misunderstandings. Tally in Tair's eyes is disobedient and Tally to prove the point keeps trying to runaway. As this couple gets to know each other, the reader is led on an incredible journey right along with them. When Tair takes Tally to his palace, fires like you won't believe ignite.

In the past both characters have been through so much. Tally had to abandon her life's dreams to stay at home and take care of her siblings as her mother needed to work to support the family. Tally goes through a lot of self-discovery and realizes she has fallen in-love with this incredible sheikh. Tair not only lost his father but also his wife and son due to desert wars. He is afraid to let Tally mean everything to him but she slips right into his heart. They marry, because Tair demands they do so but then Tally is kidnapped. When he realizes she might suffer further danger, he sends her away.

Again Jane Porter has given her readers not just another adventure but an incredible love story, one I will personally long remember.

Publisher: Harlequin (June 1, 2006)
ISBN: 0373125429

Book Description:

She must be tamed-- by the Sheikh...

Sheikh Tair lives by the rules of the desert. When he finds Tally has broken a sacred law, endangering the safety of his tribe, Tair has to act.

Tally is kept like a harem girl, but every time she tries to escape, the hostile desert drives her back. And with each new act of her disobedience, Tair's resolve hardens. As a ruler, he must tame her. As a man he wants her-- willing or not!

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