Sunday, October 29, 2006


This book was exceptional. I've probably read most of Jane Porter's Harlequin Presents books and I'm always amazed by her knowledge of other countries. While reading one of her books one actually feels they've stepped into that particular country.

In the case of The Sheikh's Virgin, I fell in love with the Middle Eastern Desert. I could almost feel the sun on my face, smell the desert scents, feel the sand on my feet and hear the camels and Berber's setting up and taking down camp. I'm amazed at Jane's knowledge of the desert, the cultural aspects of the book and the love story, it took my breath away.

Sheikh Kalen is a true alpha to the core. He is handsome, rich and very powerful in London and in his homeland Baraka. He has had many mistresses which he doesn't seem to keep for long. He is mysterious, sensual, warm and intriguing.

Keira is a very beautiful emotional and sensitive woman who met Kalen during her teens in Baraka where he stole her heart. Keira was raised by her mother in the US and spent very little time with her father in Baraka. Her father felt she was too educated and her mother felt she was not smart enough. So where does Keira belong? And now, her father has promised her hand in marriage to an official in Baraka and Kalen is on a mission to protect his brother from Keira's father and intended husband.

This wonderful love story, full of mystery, passion, and intrigue will steal your heart as it did mine. I will read The Sheikh's Virgin many, many times and highly recommend it.

Book Description:

Keira al-Issidri is enjoying her carefree life in Dallas when her father suddenly orders her to return to her native Baraka to marry a prominent but old man named Sidi Abizhaid. Keira is horrified at the thought of returning to Baraka and live her life hidden behind a veil, and has no intention of obeying her father's edict.

Sheikh Kalen Nuri of Baraka is aware of the fate that awaits Keira and swiftly intervenes for political reasons yet unknown to her. He spirits her out of Dallas and ultimately weds her in an impromptu desert ceremony.

Keira is drawn to the magnetic sheikh, but a secret from her past torments her. She doesn't know how to tell him...or how he will react when he learns the truth. But she does know that she cannot bear the thought of losing him, now that he has claimed her as his woman.

Publisher: Harlequin (June 1, 2005)
Language: English
ISBN: 0373124732

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