Sunday, October 29, 2006


Book Description:

Sheikh Kahlil al-Assad hasn't forgiven Bryn for abandoning her wedding vows. And when he discovers that he's also missed out on the first years of his son's life, an infuriated Kahlil decides to take his revenge.

Bryn doesn't realize that technically she and the Sheikh are still husband and wife,and she knows she can't deny her son the father he's been asking for, so she agrees to return to Kahlil's desert kingdom of Zwar. There she finds herself relegated to the harem quarters, where she must prepare for being taken back...into the Sheikh's bed!
September 2006 re-released in a UK anthology, The Sheikh's Woman (cover shown right) isbn: 0263850781

May 2002 in North America - isbn: 0373122527

September 2001 in the UK - isbn: 0263825345

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