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Annie West - New Harlequin and Mills and Boon Author will be writing sheikh books.

I am thrilled this morning, as I've just heard that my 2 sheikh books will be released in North America in consecutive months for your summer. The Sheikh's Ransomed Bride in July and For the Sheikh's Pleasure in August. I'm so excited to have the linked books coming out together.

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In Barbara McMahon's new Harlequin Romance, The Nanny and the Sheikh, Melissa Fox's trip to the kingdom of Qu'Arim is a perk of her job with the Valentine family. When she arrives, she works for Bella Lucia, but when she expertly calms Sheikh Surim Al-Thani's three little children, the handsome sheikh is determined she will stay on as the children's nanny. When Melissa realizes how much the children need her, she agrees--she will teach the gorgeous but guarded sheikh how to love and care for them. Only she finds herself falling in love with a man she could only dream of marrying.
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It's an excellent website and data base for authors and readers of sheikh books.



Can you imagine two days before your wedding walking in and finding your future husband with another woman? Would you want revenge? Heck yes and then some! Kiley Hendrick is stronger than she believes and approaches her handsome boss, Prince Radiq of Lucia Serratt to assist her by becoming his mistress. Little does Kiley realize that Radiq will not only steal her heart but will teach her the art of making love.

Prince Radiq, strong, sexy, successful and handsome has had many women in his life. He is honest with them from the very beginning and walks away from relationships without a backwards glance. He has a strong sense of responsibility to his country but not to his family as his mother relinquished her rights to him at birth and his father was too young to accept the responsibility of a son. Radiq was raised by mammies and tutors and didn't know the meaning of family until he accepts Kiley's proposal to become his mistress. Radiq adores Kiley but keeps his heart closed.

The Sheik and The Virgin Secretary is a wonderful addition to Susan Mallery's Desert Rogue series and ties in all Royal families at the end, those from Ed Bahar, Bahania and The City of Thieves. I'm hopeful Susan will continue her series with Radiq's brothers and sisters as her stories are so entertaining.

Book Summary from Back Cover:

The wedding of my dreams was only days away...until I discovered my fianc had a nasty habit of unfaithfulness. So to mend my wounded pride, I turned to the most eligible man I knew: my boss, Prince Rafiq of Lucia-Serrat! Although the dashingly handsome prince had enticed dozens of women, I had just one thing in my mind when I proposed becoming Rafiq's mistress: revenge on the man who'd humiliated me before.
It was easier than I'd expected to go from Rafiq's chaste secretary to his lustful lover. What I didn't expect was to fall head over heels for a man who could give me anything I wanted, except his heart....


This is probably one of my favorites in Susan's Desert Rogue series. I particularly enjoyed this book because of Crown Prince Murat. It seems that this incredibly sexy Prince is so sure of himself in the business world and ruling his country but when it comes to sharing his heart or speaking of love, he cannot. This proud and sexy man is so vulnerable to his once fianc Daphne and is determined to marry her this time. Little does he know there will be a battle of wills and sparks will fly.

This is just another entertaining Susan Mallery book and I have enjoyed reading all of her Desert Rogue series.

From The Back Cover:

Daphne Snowden is horrified when her young niece Brittany announces her intention to marry Murat, the crown prince of Bahania. Daphne accompanies Brittany on the plane and is successful in convincing the girl that a marriage to a much older man is a bad idea. So while Brittany is on her way back to the United States, Daphne remains in Bahania to explain the turn of events to Murat...the man she was engaged to ten years ago.

Time has changed Murat, and he never quite got over Daphne leaving him at the altar. When she reappears in Bahania, he refuses to allow her to leave and locks her in the palace harem. And before long Daphne discovers that an official royal engagement has been announced in the local newspapers: between her and Murat!

She is furious with Murat, but realizes in her heart that there is unfinished business between them.

Publisher: Silhouette (February 1, 2005)
ISBN: 0373246668


Billie Van Horn's and Prince Jefri's story to me is probably the "spunkiest", if that's a word, of Susan Mallery's Desert Rogue series. It was so much fun to read and yet a little sad.

Billie is the only girl in her family of men who travel all over the world training countries and pilots in the art of flying jets. Billie is an ace pilot and has never been beaten by a man. She is fun, beautiful, sexy, and spunky and longs to meet a man who accepts her for just being Billie.

Prince Jefri is the youngest son of the King of Bahania and is in charge of setting up the air force for Bahania, El Bahar and The City of Thieves. He is a Cracker Jack pilot as well, a ladies man and just plain sexy and handsome. However, he has also agreed to accept a wife as arranged by his father. Little does he realize he will be so strongly attracted to Billie and later fall in love with her. However, his "arranged" bride-to-be arrives on the scene only to complicate matters. Enter one huge mess and to add to the mix, Billie's brother and the King interfering in their relationship.

Again, Susan Mallery has written such an enjoyable, lust and passion all in a desert setting.

Book Description:

Lovely blonde Billie Van Horn is a gorgeous, take-no-prisoners flight instructor who has been assigned to train a number of pilots in Bahania, including the ultra-masculine Prince Jefri. At first Jefri is miffed at being bested by the beautiful super-pilot, but after he lays his eyes on her, he becomes hopelessly smitten.

The prince invites Billie to stay at his family's palace during the duration of the flight training, an offer she eager accepts. With her dog Muffin and her brother Doyle, Billie settles into the luxurious suite and enjoys her close proximity to Jefri.

But Billie is crestfallen when Jefri's future wife, the young and shy Tahira, arrives on the scene. Before meeting Billie, Jefri asked his father to find a suitable wife...and is dismayed when it seems to be too late to cancel his marriage plans. Billie is well aware that when royal honor calls, her high-born lover will have to fly from her side forever...unless he defies his destiny and chooses love

Publisher: Silhouette (November 1, 2004)
ISBN: 0373246471


Little does Emma Kennedy realize that she is still married to Prince Reyhan of Bahania and that years ago her parents kept her away from the handsome Prince. So when she is approached by the State Department and asked to travel to Bahania per the request of the King, she's stunned.

Prince Reyhan, he's closed his heart but upon seeing Emma, he longs for what might have been but is determined not to let things get out of hand.
As this story unfolds, they learn that Emma's parents tried to keep them apart. What doesn't help matters is that the King insists that they spend a few weeks together to reacquaint them selves with each other. If matters can't get any worse, Emma's protective parents arrive in Bahania and try to discourage Emma from seeing Reyhan.

Can this couple find their way back to each other? Susan Mallery tells their love story in such a way that it will melt and pull at your heart. This proud Prince will fall to his knees over the beautiful Emma. This is just another wonderful story and addition to Susan's Desert Rogue Series.

Book Description:

Emma Kennedy is working as a nurse in Dallas when two men await her at her apartment one day to inform her that the king of Bahania has requested that she travel to his country. At first she is puzzled, but when she realizes that his son, Prince Reyhan, is behind the reason, she literally faints when she sees him again after six years.

During their college days, the two married in a ceremony in the Caribbean. But had it been a real ceremony? Emma always thought it had been for "pretend", especially when he abruptly left her soon after their honeymoon. But the marriage is real, and the two are still very much husband and wife. Upon discovering this secret, the king orders Reyhan to spend two weeks with his wife before he is willing to grant a royal annulment so that his son can follow through with his wish to have an arranged marriage.

The two have no choice but get reacquainted with each other...and isn't the paradise of Bahania the perfect place to fall in love all over again?

Publisher: Silhouette (April 1, 2004)
ISBN: 0373246064

THE SHEIK'S OF SUMMER - Authors: Susan Mallery, Brand and Sellers

The Sheik's Virgin" by Susan Mallery

Beautiful Phoebe Carson visits the island of Lucia-Serrat, the birth country of Ayanna, the great-aunt who raised her. She soon meets a handsome man, who becomes her escort in exploring the exotic Arab land. Little does she know, however, that her suitor is actually the country's beloved leader, Prince Nasri Mazin.
More books by Susan Mallery

"Sheikh of Ice" by Alexandra Sellers

Travel agent Kate Drummond arrives in Barakat to work out an itinerary for an adventure holiday for her clients. Upon her arrival, she meets brooding Hadi al Hajar, who functions as her tour guide. Despite his moodiness, Kate feels drawn to the handsome Sheikh, and wonders if she will succeed in taming his hard heart.
More books by Alexandra Sellers

"Kismet" by Fiona Brand

Laine Elizabeth Abernathy, a prim librarian in the small town of Ransome, catches the eye of reclusive Sheik Xavier Kalil al Jahir. During a fierce storm, Kalil rescues Laine from a collapsing house, and nurses her back to health. The more time he spend with the young beauty, the more he begins to feel a sense of recognition, and that he knew Laine in a past


A very sweet story of an innocent young girl who arrives on the beautiful Island of Lucia-Serratt. She finds the beautiful, handsome Prince Mazin who takes her breath away. He agrees to show her arround the island and their mutual attraction soars out of control.

Later Phoebe learns that the Prince is a Prince and that he has four sons. She also learns about desire and attraction and takes her relationship with Mazin to the next level.

Even though this is a short story, one of three in the Sheiks of Summer, it was just another example of Susan Mallery's incredible writing skill.


This was a storyline right out of My Fair Lady with the reader meeting the wonderful, sexy, witty Cleo who torments Prince Sadik. Cleo was raised in a foster home and came to the Pink Palace months ago with her foster sister Zara. Reason? Zara had discovered that her real father was King Hassan, Sadik's father.

During the girls time spent meeting the royal family, Cleo and Sadik are drawn together into a very powerful sexual relationship. Cleo feels out of her league and suddenly leaves to return home to the US and later finds that she is pregnant. Sadik doesn't follow know that in a few months she'll return for her sister's Zara's wedding.

Upon returning the secret of Cleo's pregnancy is revealed and hold on to your seats for a wild and crazy ride at the Royal House of Bahania.

This is a very enjoyable read, fun, humorous, sensual and very romantic. Again Susan Mallery has written another wonderful book in her Desert Rogue series.

Book Description:

She was all kinds of wrong for royalty!!

When it came to kingdoms, impulsive, up-from-the-streets Cleo Wilson was no Cinderella. Why, mere months ago she'd done the unthinkable: fallen for arrogant, irresistible Prince Sadik -- and come up pregnant! Now, briefly back in Bahania, she had to bide her burgeoning curves or risk losing her baby-to-be to royalty!

Tall, tempting Sadik promptly seduced Cleo anew...unveiled her secret...and demanded they wed! But could Cleo's lifelong fantasies of love and family find fulfillment in a palace? After all, wasn't she the last person on the planet to become a princess--and bring a proud, imperious prince to his senses, let along his knees?

Publisher: Silhouette (June 1, 2002)
ISBN: 0373244738


In the Sheik and the Runaway Princess, you are introduced to Rafe Stryker who is in charge of security for the City of Thieves and an honorary sheik. Rafe is a "closed" man, who is strong, sexy and independent. In this story, Rafe has been assigned to the King of Bahania, King Hassen.

Zara and her foster-sister Cleo have one mission and that's to find out if Zara's father is in fact the King of Bahania. So the girls travel to Bahania to do a little investigating. Upon their arrival and tour of the Pink Palace, they literally "bump" into Rafe who later finds out their reason for being at the palace.

Rafe finds Zara sweet, soft and interesting. He also feels protective of her due to her vulnerability to the situation. The King puts Rafe in charge of Zara when he finds out that she is the daughter he never new existed.

Is Zara ready to become a Princess? Can Rafe fight his attractions for the sweet Zara? Theirs is a love story not to be missed. The way Susan Mallery tells their story is just plain wonderful. I also enjoyed how she described the difference between the sisters, Cleo and her also new found sister, Princess Sabrina. A very enjoyable addition to Susan's Desert Rogue series.

Book Summary:

When prim professor Zara Paxton ventures to distant Bahania, she wants only to find the father she'd never known. But her father turns out to be King Hassan of Bahania. The desert king promptly put his "princess" under the protection of a muscular, mesmerizing Sheik, who sets Zara's sense aflame, yet he refuses to quench the fire!

Steely security liaison Rafe Stryker scorns lasting love. But before he knows it, the bespectacled brunette sneaks into his heart, making him throb with the urge to taste her sweetness. Clearly, innocent Princess Zara wanted to be his woman, but taking her was tantamount to treason. Rafe knows the consequences, but even he can stand so much temptation.

Publisher: Silhouette; Special edition (March 1, 2002)
ISBN: 0373244533


Princess Sabrina Johnson storms out of the Bahania palace; angry with her father who had betrothed her to someone she didn't even know. As she never had a relationship with her neither father nor brothers and felt left out of her family, she decides to go in search of the City of Thieves and its supposed treasure. While being trapped in a desert storm, she is rescued by a stranger who makes her his slave. Unbeknown to Sabrina, this man is Prince Kardal Khan (her betrothed) and he finds her foolish and believes what he has read about her, that she is a spoiled and promiscuous American. However, all Sabrina's ever wanted out of life is to belong instead of being shuffled and ignored by her American mother and father, King Hassan of Bahania.

As they journey to their final destination, the Princes' home, she finds out that not only is he a Prince, but the Prince of the City of Thieves. He makes her his slave and allows her to stay and study the treasure within the walls of his palace.

As their story unfolds, they both learn so much about each other, and Prince Kardal realizes that Sabrina is not the spoiled person he thought she was but a lovely woman and a virgin as well. Sabrina is captivated by him, frightened of her attraction to him as she realizes her duty is to her father, country and future husband. She also learns that Kardal was raised without a father and even though he is close to his mother, and adored his Grandfather who raised him, he does not believe in love but hopes for a marriage of respect and heirs. When he finds out that his father is King Givon of El Bahar, everything becomes complicated and he turns to Sabrina.

Their story becomes one of fire, passion and complications. Sabrina feels also betrayed by her father who does not come to rescue her and Kardal who she learns has made a bargain with her father that she will be Kardal's wife. There are many twists and turns to this story but in the end yet another wonderful addition to the Desert Rogues series, tying in the kingdoms of El Bahar, Bahania and The City of Thieves.

Book Summary:

When half-American Princess Sabra (aka Sabrina Johnson) is kidnapped by Prince Kardal Khan while searching for the legendary City of Thieves, she soon realizes that his heated touch makes her body betray her recklessly.

She doesn't want to feel cared for in her captor's tender embrace. After living a lonely life, rejected by her father--King Hassan--and treated dismissively by her mother, all she's ever wanted was someone to love her. But falling for the sexy Sheik, otherwise known as the Prince of the City of Thieves, was simply out of the question!

The virile Sheik didn't consider kidnapping Sabrina an act of theft; he was claiming what was rightfully his. Unbeknownst to the fiery beauty, she had been betrothed to be his wife!

Publisher: Silhouette (November 1, 2001)
ISBN: 0373244304


Lianna Archer and her daughter landed in El Bahar looking forward to their new life and home. Lianna's looking forward to her new job as teacher at one of the schools, getting away from bad memories and saving some money for the future. However, just as they're ready to disembark, a band of men board, among them Crown Prince Malik Khan. This handsome prince spies Lianna and decides he wants this pretty teacher and daughter to stay with him at the Royal palace. He will not take "no" for an answer and whisks them away. The sexual attraction between them was so strong it was frightening. It's a constant battle between them for her to stay in the palace. However, Lianna demands to move to her own quarters the school provided for them.

Days later, the Prince arrives to extend an invitation that Lianna join him in the desert to attend a dinner with a nomad tribe. She is requested to dress appropriately so as not to offend the tribesmen. Little does she know that a marriage ceremony between them has been planned, he requests she stay overnight in the desert and she agrees. The next morning when she finds out they are married, she goes ballistic.

So many questions, she's attracted, can she trust her heart, and can she trust her daughter and her heart to this Crown Prince? What so moved me was Malik's story, his childhood, his first marriage, his inability to trust and feel and when he finally realizes what's it's all about, well it's tender, sweet and a great love story with a Cinderella ending.

Publisher: Silhouette (June 1, 2000)
ISBN: 0373243316

Book Description:

Single mom Liana Archer has read her share of romance novels featuring dashing, passionate Sheiks. Despite her fascination with the genre, she is astonished when sinfully handsome Malik Khan, Crown Prince of exotic El Bahar, hijacks her and her young daughter off an airliner and into his lavish desert palace. What does this sexy prince want with a passably pretty, slightly overweight schoolteacher from San Bernadino?

Dazed, breathless and mesmerized with desire, Liana quickly becomes Malik's royal bride after an intimate desert ceremony she does not understand. When she learns she is in fact married, she must face whether she can entrust her daughter, or her heart to a man would give them everything...except his love. How might a caring American mother and child finally move this proud, imperious monarch and make his kingdom complete?


The Sheik's Arranged Marriage is the second book in the Desert Rogue series by Susan Mallery and is Prince Jamal's and Heidi McKinley's story. Heidi is a long time friend of the family as her grandfather and King Givon were friends. Now the King and his mother feel that Prince Jamal needs to marry and of course, they have chosen Heidi, the virginal and studious plain Jane to be his bride.

Prince Jamal is the middle son, has a love of history, and his country and is extremely handsome, is a prince in more ways than one and known to be a ladies man like his brother Kahlil. He had a former disastrous marriage to Yasmine who was no longer alive and he did not believe in love. However, he is honor bound to his father and country to marry and produce heirs. So he agrees to marry Heidi.

After they wed, Heidi announces that she cannot be a wife in the true sense and that she is a virgin. However, as their relationship progresses Heidi decides she has deeper feelings for Jamal and so with the help of his family she becomes "Honey" and disguises her looks and becomes a "hot" sexual kitten. Jamal sees through her act but decides to go along with her plan and is intrigued by his new wife. When Heidi learns that Jamal has been wise to her little game, she is heart broken and ashamed. However, Heidi finally learns that she could have won her husband by just being herself and that he already loved her not his deceased ex-wife.

This is just another great story by Susan Mallery. The scenes where Heidi becomes Honey are fun and endearing. This is a wonderful addition to the Desert Rogue series.

Book Description:

Man-shy American Heidi McKinley winces when the king himself insists she marry - and make heirs with - his sinfully sexy royal son! For Prince Jamal was a legendary lover, an expert on erotic intrigue. Whatever would he see in serious-minded Heidi?

Plenty! Up to his crown in gold-digging bubbleheads, Jamal is secretly enchanted with the sweet and studious virgin. So why was homespun Heidi donning silken disguises and posing as siren "Honey Martin" to seduce him? And how could Jamal hope to choose between a bold, brazen "mistress" and a bashful, blushing bride?

Publisher: Silhouette (May 1, 2000)

ISBN: 0373243243


A lonely and scared Dora stranded in her wedding gown at an airport with no money, coat or personal belongings? What's a girl to do? Enter handsome, sexy and powerful Prince Kahlil Khan of El Bahar to the rescue. What a great start for the Desert Rogues series by Susan Mallery.

Dora Nelson had never known love nor had ever felt she belonged. She now has a chance to succeed as a personal PA to Prince Khalil. Little does she realize that she will grow not only to respect him but also fall in love? Little does the prince know that he will come to depend upon Dora not only as his PA but also to help him get out of an ugly situation, an arranged marriage to one of his countryman.....a personal family friend with loose morals and unsuitable as a wife of a crown prince. Khalil tricks Dora into marriage and when she finds out this fact, she can't forgive him. Khalil takes Dora back to El Bahar where a stand-off begins in their marriage. Dora is allowed to work with the Western businessman to liaise with them and El Bahar while she struggles with her love for her husband.

Susan Mallery has gotten off to a great start with this book, the first in her Desert Rogues series. I enjoyed the humor Susan brought to her story and the depth of passion that was shown. Her use of dialogue is interesting and intriguing as she weaves this very romantic tale set in the desert

Book Description:

After working as his administrative assistant, frumpy brunette Dora Nelson is soon swept away by the passionate Prince Khalil Khan. After a swift marriage, she revels in her new fairy-tale life as Princess of El Bahar. But once she learns that the love and affection Khalil had showered her with was merely a sham to avoid marriage to a woman he despises, she refuses to bend to his will. He tricked her into marrying him, and she can't forgive him.

But she also can't stop loving him.

More than anything else, Dora wants a happy home and an adoring husband. Still, when Dora's feistiness meets with Khalil's arrogance, sparks fly. And unless Dora and Khalil agree to meet halfway, this fiery marriage threatens to consume them both!

Publisher: Harlequin (August 1, 2004)
ISBN: 0373388101

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