Wednesday, November 01, 2006


This is probably one of my favorites in Susan's Desert Rogue series. I particularly enjoyed this book because of Crown Prince Murat. It seems that this incredibly sexy Prince is so sure of himself in the business world and ruling his country but when it comes to sharing his heart or speaking of love, he cannot. This proud and sexy man is so vulnerable to his once fianc Daphne and is determined to marry her this time. Little does he know there will be a battle of wills and sparks will fly.

This is just another entertaining Susan Mallery book and I have enjoyed reading all of her Desert Rogue series.

From The Back Cover:

Daphne Snowden is horrified when her young niece Brittany announces her intention to marry Murat, the crown prince of Bahania. Daphne accompanies Brittany on the plane and is successful in convincing the girl that a marriage to a much older man is a bad idea. So while Brittany is on her way back to the United States, Daphne remains in Bahania to explain the turn of events to Murat...the man she was engaged to ten years ago.

Time has changed Murat, and he never quite got over Daphne leaving him at the altar. When she reappears in Bahania, he refuses to allow her to leave and locks her in the palace harem. And before long Daphne discovers that an official royal engagement has been announced in the local newspapers: between her and Murat!

She is furious with Murat, but realizes in her heart that there is unfinished business between them.

Publisher: Silhouette (February 1, 2005)
ISBN: 0373246668

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