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Billie Van Horn's and Prince Jefri's story to me is probably the "spunkiest", if that's a word, of Susan Mallery's Desert Rogue series. It was so much fun to read and yet a little sad.

Billie is the only girl in her family of men who travel all over the world training countries and pilots in the art of flying jets. Billie is an ace pilot and has never been beaten by a man. She is fun, beautiful, sexy, and spunky and longs to meet a man who accepts her for just being Billie.

Prince Jefri is the youngest son of the King of Bahania and is in charge of setting up the air force for Bahania, El Bahar and The City of Thieves. He is a Cracker Jack pilot as well, a ladies man and just plain sexy and handsome. However, he has also agreed to accept a wife as arranged by his father. Little does he realize he will be so strongly attracted to Billie and later fall in love with her. However, his "arranged" bride-to-be arrives on the scene only to complicate matters. Enter one huge mess and to add to the mix, Billie's brother and the King interfering in their relationship.

Again, Susan Mallery has written such an enjoyable, lust and passion all in a desert setting.

Book Description:

Lovely blonde Billie Van Horn is a gorgeous, take-no-prisoners flight instructor who has been assigned to train a number of pilots in Bahania, including the ultra-masculine Prince Jefri. At first Jefri is miffed at being bested by the beautiful super-pilot, but after he lays his eyes on her, he becomes hopelessly smitten.

The prince invites Billie to stay at his family's palace during the duration of the flight training, an offer she eager accepts. With her dog Muffin and her brother Doyle, Billie settles into the luxurious suite and enjoys her close proximity to Jefri.

But Billie is crestfallen when Jefri's future wife, the young and shy Tahira, arrives on the scene. Before meeting Billie, Jefri asked his father to find a suitable wife...and is dismayed when it seems to be too late to cancel his marriage plans. Billie is well aware that when royal honor calls, her high-born lover will have to fly from her side forever...unless he defies his destiny and chooses love

Publisher: Silhouette (November 1, 2004)
ISBN: 0373246471

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