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Little does Emma Kennedy realize that she is still married to Prince Reyhan of Bahania and that years ago her parents kept her away from the handsome Prince. So when she is approached by the State Department and asked to travel to Bahania per the request of the King, she's stunned.

Prince Reyhan, he's closed his heart but upon seeing Emma, he longs for what might have been but is determined not to let things get out of hand.
As this story unfolds, they learn that Emma's parents tried to keep them apart. What doesn't help matters is that the King insists that they spend a few weeks together to reacquaint them selves with each other. If matters can't get any worse, Emma's protective parents arrive in Bahania and try to discourage Emma from seeing Reyhan.

Can this couple find their way back to each other? Susan Mallery tells their love story in such a way that it will melt and pull at your heart. This proud Prince will fall to his knees over the beautiful Emma. This is just another wonderful story and addition to Susan's Desert Rogue Series.

Book Description:

Emma Kennedy is working as a nurse in Dallas when two men await her at her apartment one day to inform her that the king of Bahania has requested that she travel to his country. At first she is puzzled, but when she realizes that his son, Prince Reyhan, is behind the reason, she literally faints when she sees him again after six years.

During their college days, the two married in a ceremony in the Caribbean. But had it been a real ceremony? Emma always thought it had been for "pretend", especially when he abruptly left her soon after their honeymoon. But the marriage is real, and the two are still very much husband and wife. Upon discovering this secret, the king orders Reyhan to spend two weeks with his wife before he is willing to grant a royal annulment so that his son can follow through with his wish to have an arranged marriage.

The two have no choice but get reacquainted with each other...and isn't the paradise of Bahania the perfect place to fall in love all over again?

Publisher: Silhouette (April 1, 2004)
ISBN: 0373246064

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