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Princess Sabrina Johnson storms out of the Bahania palace; angry with her father who had betrothed her to someone she didn't even know. As she never had a relationship with her neither father nor brothers and felt left out of her family, she decides to go in search of the City of Thieves and its supposed treasure. While being trapped in a desert storm, she is rescued by a stranger who makes her his slave. Unbeknown to Sabrina, this man is Prince Kardal Khan (her betrothed) and he finds her foolish and believes what he has read about her, that she is a spoiled and promiscuous American. However, all Sabrina's ever wanted out of life is to belong instead of being shuffled and ignored by her American mother and father, King Hassan of Bahania.

As they journey to their final destination, the Princes' home, she finds out that not only is he a Prince, but the Prince of the City of Thieves. He makes her his slave and allows her to stay and study the treasure within the walls of his palace.

As their story unfolds, they both learn so much about each other, and Prince Kardal realizes that Sabrina is not the spoiled person he thought she was but a lovely woman and a virgin as well. Sabrina is captivated by him, frightened of her attraction to him as she realizes her duty is to her father, country and future husband. She also learns that Kardal was raised without a father and even though he is close to his mother, and adored his Grandfather who raised him, he does not believe in love but hopes for a marriage of respect and heirs. When he finds out that his father is King Givon of El Bahar, everything becomes complicated and he turns to Sabrina.

Their story becomes one of fire, passion and complications. Sabrina feels also betrayed by her father who does not come to rescue her and Kardal who she learns has made a bargain with her father that she will be Kardal's wife. There are many twists and turns to this story but in the end yet another wonderful addition to the Desert Rogues series, tying in the kingdoms of El Bahar, Bahania and The City of Thieves.

Book Summary:

When half-American Princess Sabra (aka Sabrina Johnson) is kidnapped by Prince Kardal Khan while searching for the legendary City of Thieves, she soon realizes that his heated touch makes her body betray her recklessly.

She doesn't want to feel cared for in her captor's tender embrace. After living a lonely life, rejected by her father--King Hassan--and treated dismissively by her mother, all she's ever wanted was someone to love her. But falling for the sexy Sheik, otherwise known as the Prince of the City of Thieves, was simply out of the question!

The virile Sheik didn't consider kidnapping Sabrina an act of theft; he was claiming what was rightfully his. Unbeknownst to the fiery beauty, she had been betrothed to be his wife!

Publisher: Silhouette (November 1, 2001)
ISBN: 0373244304

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