Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Can you imagine two days before your wedding walking in and finding your future husband with another woman? Would you want revenge? Heck yes and then some! Kiley Hendrick is stronger than she believes and approaches her handsome boss, Prince Radiq of Lucia Serratt to assist her by becoming his mistress. Little does Kiley realize that Radiq will not only steal her heart but will teach her the art of making love.

Prince Radiq, strong, sexy, successful and handsome has had many women in his life. He is honest with them from the very beginning and walks away from relationships without a backwards glance. He has a strong sense of responsibility to his country but not to his family as his mother relinquished her rights to him at birth and his father was too young to accept the responsibility of a son. Radiq was raised by mammies and tutors and didn't know the meaning of family until he accepts Kiley's proposal to become his mistress. Radiq adores Kiley but keeps his heart closed.

The Sheik and The Virgin Secretary is a wonderful addition to Susan Mallery's Desert Rogue series and ties in all Royal families at the end, those from Ed Bahar, Bahania and The City of Thieves. I'm hopeful Susan will continue her series with Radiq's brothers and sisters as her stories are so entertaining.

Book Summary from Back Cover:

The wedding of my dreams was only days away...until I discovered my fianc had a nasty habit of unfaithfulness. So to mend my wounded pride, I turned to the most eligible man I knew: my boss, Prince Rafiq of Lucia-Serrat! Although the dashingly handsome prince had enticed dozens of women, I had just one thing in my mind when I proposed becoming Rafiq's mistress: revenge on the man who'd humiliated me before.
It was easier than I'd expected to go from Rafiq's chaste secretary to his lustful lover. What I didn't expect was to fall head over heels for a man who could give me anything I wanted, except his heart....

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