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In the Sheik and the Runaway Princess, you are introduced to Rafe Stryker who is in charge of security for the City of Thieves and an honorary sheik. Rafe is a "closed" man, who is strong, sexy and independent. In this story, Rafe has been assigned to the King of Bahania, King Hassen.

Zara and her foster-sister Cleo have one mission and that's to find out if Zara's father is in fact the King of Bahania. So the girls travel to Bahania to do a little investigating. Upon their arrival and tour of the Pink Palace, they literally "bump" into Rafe who later finds out their reason for being at the palace.

Rafe finds Zara sweet, soft and interesting. He also feels protective of her due to her vulnerability to the situation. The King puts Rafe in charge of Zara when he finds out that she is the daughter he never new existed.

Is Zara ready to become a Princess? Can Rafe fight his attractions for the sweet Zara? Theirs is a love story not to be missed. The way Susan Mallery tells their story is just plain wonderful. I also enjoyed how she described the difference between the sisters, Cleo and her also new found sister, Princess Sabrina. A very enjoyable addition to Susan's Desert Rogue series.

Book Summary:

When prim professor Zara Paxton ventures to distant Bahania, she wants only to find the father she'd never known. But her father turns out to be King Hassan of Bahania. The desert king promptly put his "princess" under the protection of a muscular, mesmerizing Sheik, who sets Zara's sense aflame, yet he refuses to quench the fire!

Steely security liaison Rafe Stryker scorns lasting love. But before he knows it, the bespectacled brunette sneaks into his heart, making him throb with the urge to taste her sweetness. Clearly, innocent Princess Zara wanted to be his woman, but taking her was tantamount to treason. Rafe knows the consequences, but even he can stand so much temptation.

Publisher: Silhouette; Special edition (March 1, 2002)
ISBN: 0373244533

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