Wednesday, November 01, 2006

THE SHEIK'S OF SUMMER - Authors: Susan Mallery, Brand and Sellers

The Sheik's Virgin" by Susan Mallery

Beautiful Phoebe Carson visits the island of Lucia-Serrat, the birth country of Ayanna, the great-aunt who raised her. She soon meets a handsome man, who becomes her escort in exploring the exotic Arab land. Little does she know, however, that her suitor is actually the country's beloved leader, Prince Nasri Mazin.
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"Sheikh of Ice" by Alexandra Sellers

Travel agent Kate Drummond arrives in Barakat to work out an itinerary for an adventure holiday for her clients. Upon her arrival, she meets brooding Hadi al Hajar, who functions as her tour guide. Despite his moodiness, Kate feels drawn to the handsome Sheikh, and wonders if she will succeed in taming his hard heart.
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"Kismet" by Fiona Brand

Laine Elizabeth Abernathy, a prim librarian in the small town of Ransome, catches the eye of reclusive Sheik Xavier Kalil al Jahir. During a fierce storm, Kalil rescues Laine from a collapsing house, and nurses her back to health. The more time he spend with the young beauty, the more he begins to feel a sense of recognition, and that he knew Laine in a past


A very sweet story of an innocent young girl who arrives on the beautiful Island of Lucia-Serratt. She finds the beautiful, handsome Prince Mazin who takes her breath away. He agrees to show her arround the island and their mutual attraction soars out of control.

Later Phoebe learns that the Prince is a Prince and that he has four sons. She also learns about desire and attraction and takes her relationship with Mazin to the next level.

Even though this is a short story, one of three in the Sheiks of Summer, it was just another example of Susan Mallery's incredible writing skill.

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