Sunday, January 28, 2007

Why create this blog a friend recently asked? Well, actually I never thought I would enjoy reading books about sheikhs and what I thought the female characters would be like.....weak? Yes, that's what I thought so I never purchased one until a friend gave me a Susan Mallery book, the first in her Desert Rogue Series.

From then on, I was hooked. I went on Ebay, Amazon,, New and Used Books and purchased Susan's entire series. I'm not sorry I did, I still have them and adore them, I loved them so much I started writing reviews and found an incredible website, The Sheiks and Desert Love.

Whomever started this website has a very strong love of the genre and has taken an incredible amount of time maintaining the website, listing all of the books, authors, news, book descriptions and also created a forum. At this forum I posted my reviews more than three times and spammers came on promoting prescriptions and other items which caused the forum to be shut down several times. Now, however there is a new forum which is protected and I encourage you to share your latest read there on here on my blog.

Now, getting back to the genre.....then I discovered other of my favorite authors who write for Harlequin Presents wrote sheikh books as well. Jane Porter, Kate Walker, Lucy Monroe, Sandra Marton, Michelle Reid, Trish Morey, Loreth Anne White and now Annie West.....WOW!

What do I love about them? Susan Mallery's are full of charm, witt and passion. When you read her Desert Rogue Series you'll understand and I'm so hopeful Susan will write more sheikh books!

The Presents authors, of course the skeikhs are alphas, handsome, weathly,strong and passionate. Are the female characters weak? Heck no, they're strong, give as good as they get and they're professionals for the most part! And the handsome sheikhs........they're highly educated, most of them were sent away to the UK or USA to be educated. At times, they are portrayed as being lonely and keep to themselves because the weight of their country seems to be placed on their shoulders. They also have a true love of their country and enjoy spending time in the desert! So what's not to love I ask you?

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