Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Desert King's Virgin Bride - Sharon Kendrick

I could actually kick myself that I didn't read the other two books in the series first. This is a wonderful "sheikh" book with all of the elements......powerful, stubborn, sexy as sin, doesn't know the meaning of love only how to rule his country and duty above all! If you love sheikh books then you'll adore this one, I promise.

Book Description:

As Sheikh of Kharastan, Malik has no time for distractions. But when Sorrel, an Englishwoman in his care, wants to explore the pleasures of the West, Malik decides he will be the one to teach her the ways of seduction! Malik wants Sorrel, but he will not dishonor her. Yet, as sheikh, he is expected to marry and his bride must be pure. Is the answer to make Sorrel his virgin queen?

To be released May 2007: Mistress to a Sheikh/ Desert Rake/ Blackmailed by the Sheikh

Book Description

Jade sacrifices nearly everything to succumb to the sensuous pleasures of wealthy sheikh Khalil…only to realize she's simply another notch in his well-worn bedpost. But Jade can be sneakier than forty thieves when it means getting what she wants!

Despite the paroxysms of panic from her in-laws, wealthy widow Lady Morvall sets off to traverse the Middle East—alone. That is, until she succumbs to a feverish affair with Andrew Fenton, an enigmatic libertine….

Karim, the heir apparent to the throne of Zafsid, a small but wealthy state, is convinced English teacher Prue Smith is responsible for his sister's disappearance. Despite his unexpected attraction to her, Karim will do whatever is necessary to protect his family—even if it means blackmailing Prue and abducting her back to Zafsid!

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