Monday, August 06, 2007

Annie West has yet again written another powerful love story. This is Annie’s second sheikh book and is set on a beautiful desert coast.

In the Sheikh’s Ransomed Bride (Annie’s first sheikh book) the reader learns that she has a sister Belle who is now the reigning queen of Q'roum and this book focuses on her sister, Rosalie Winter’s visit, along with her niece and mother. Rosalie one learns has come to Q'roum to celebrate her nephew’s birthday. Rosalie has a past, one she cannot escape and while on this visit her family offers to watch her daughter so she can relax and try her hand in a talent lost to her drawing and painting.

Each day, Rosalie goes to the beach to swim and draw and while there reflects on her past of why she can no longer paint. For years, she has been haunted by an event which happened in college where her drink was “doctored” and she was raped and the incident resulted in a pregnancy and the birth of her lovely daughter. On one particular morning, she sees this handsome man riding on the beach along with his Arabian horses. She is mesmerized by their beauty and power along with their handsome and virile rider. Their owner is Arik, who is bored and frustrated from a leg injury, and has been watching Rosalie from afar. It is his plan to meet her and in the end, begin an affair.

After days of letting her draw the horses and the man himself, he realizes that Rosalie is timid and a little shy and that he will have to be patient to win her in the end. He proposes that he show her the sights of his city. In the end, for Rosalie it is a loosing battle and she surrenders to his charms trying to guard her heart. What she fears happens and she falls deeply for Arik full well knowing that he will never commit. He is a man who’s proud, arrogant and always gets his own way. In order to protect herself from further heartbreak, she leaves without a goodbye. Arik is furious when he can’t find her and he doesn’t count on how deeply he feels for her until she’s gone.

What Rosalie does not know is that Arik and the King (her brother-in-law) are related so when he shows up at the birthday celebration for the young Prince it’s a shock to say the least and tensions rise.

For the Sheikh’s Pleasure is truly a magical story full of passion, tenderness and discovery for both Rosalie and Arik.

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