Tuesday, October 23, 2007

DESERT HEARTS IN A NEW CROP OF ROMANCE....IT'S ALWAYS MIDNIGHT AT THE OASIS! Bitch Magazine is featuring an article by Christy McCullough you might find interesting.


A paper and discussion about sheikh romance books.


THOSE SEXY ARABS - March 2006 article by Brian Whitaker

Link: http://commentisfree.guardian.co.uk/brian_whitaker/2006/03/those_sexy_arabs.html

For those of you who love this genre, I'm wondering if you agree or disagree?

What makes a sheikh romance hot?

1. Having an exotic (and somewhat dangerous) desert kingdom as the backdrop.
2. When the sheikh makes a change from wearing Western style clothing to the traditional robes of his country.
3. When unusual circumstances force a woman to wed a handsome sheikh.
4. When kismet is the driving force that keeps two lovers together.
5. A dramatic rescue from the clutches of a rotund, slovenly sultan.

From The Sheikh's of Desert Love website

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Linda Esser has left a new comment on your post " I just finished this first book in The Desert P...":

We are three romance fiction readers who are interested in finding out more about readers like ourselves. What began as a conversation over coffee has turned into a project that has taken on a life of its own. We’ve explored public librarians’ attitudes toward romance fiction and its readers on both state and national levels with research funded by a grant from Romance Writers of America (http://www.rwanational.org/cs/academic_research_grant/past_recipients).

Of course, the more we’ve found out, the more questions we have. We’ve reached the point where we need answers to several of these questions from romance readers. We are interested in romance fiction readers as both consumers and conservators of the genre. From what we’ve found, romance fiction readers do not depend on public libraries for their books. We would like to better understand where romance fiction readers acquire their books, why they prefer particular sources, and what they do with their books after reading them. We appreciate your time and consideration.

Our questions:
• What are your preferred sources for the romance fiction you read?
• Why do you choose these sources rather than or in addition to public libraries?
• Do you keep all or some of the books you read? How do you decide which books to keep?
• What do you see yourself doing with your personal library of romance fiction books in the future?

Informed Consent:
The University of Missouri requires that research involving human subjects include an informed consent to ensure that participants’ rights are protected. As is customary, pseudonyms will be substituted in all data for all names of persons, public libraries/public library systems, cities, towns and counties. Every effort will be made to adequately disguise the participants’ identities and specific geographic location in any published materials or presentations. The print-outs of any responses will remain in the direct physical possession of the researchers. Relevant portions of the transcripts will be deleted upon request of any participant who decides to withdraw from the study.

Participants have the right to withdraw from the study at any time, no questions asked.

Refusal to participate, or withdrawal from the research project, will have no impact on the participant.

Do not hesitate to call, write or e-mail a member of the research team if you have questions or concerns about this research study.

We ask that you give permission for the results of this research to be used in professional presentations at national conferences and printed in professional publications. If you have questions your rights as a research subject, you may contact the University of Missouri Institutional Review Board Office at (573)882-9585 .

Denice Adkins adkinsde@missouri.edu
Linda Esser esserl@missouri.edu
Diane Velasquez dvelasquez@dom.edu
303 Townsend Hall
School of Information Science & Learning Technologies
University of Missouri-Columbia
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