Thursday, April 03, 2008


In November of 2007 we were introduced to Morgan and her twin Tegan in the Bosses Christmas Baby. In Trish Morey’s The Sheiks Convenient Virgin, this is Morgan’s story. You will fall in love with Morgan, she is very different from her spirited twin and yet this sweet and even tempered woman no longer is passive, she develops a temper and sass when she meets Sheik Tajik. He demands, his advances, his assault on her senses and her personal space drive her crazy.

The sheikh needs a wife and immediately! When he arrives in Australia and comes to see his mother, he notices her companion, Morgan. The sheikh is advised by his closest aid that his cousin is undermining him while he is away, has suggested to the council that Taj should marry his young daughter. Taj learns of this conspiracy and realizes he must return to his home country, what better solution than to have his mother’s companion accompany them and plans are set in motion. Plans that Morgan his not privy to so one can well imagine when they are revealed she blows her fuse. Marry a man she doesn’t know? Become a sheika in a desert wedding? Be expected to not only consummate the marriage but bear his heirs? Never!

Their journey is a dance and rollercoaster ride you won’t want to miss. It’s tender, passionate and oh what a beautiful, proud, sexy, wealthy sheikh Tajik is but wait until you see him soften, you’ll melt!

What make this story so special is that Sheik Taj wasn’t looking for love nor did he expect it! His father, her father and his fiancĂ© were killed a year before so this marriage will be one of convenience for him. In the end, what he didn’t expect was to fall in love!

Again, Trish Morey has penned an exceptional story, one of passion and promise and tying in two of her other releases to make this a romance you will not want to miss!

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