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In Jane's the Sheikh's Chosen Queen (book 1) you were introduced to King Sharif Fehr and his wife Jesslyn. Jesslyn was friends with Sharif's two sisters who were killed when they were all three on a trip. The family was devastated, especially his brother Khalid Fehr, who now resides in the Great Sarq Desert.

Khalid has never gotten over the loss so when he reads a post on the Internet from a brother who lives in the US,looking for his sister, Khalid's heart twists. After some research and investigation, he finds out she's been arrested and is now in a prison. Determined to free her, he stakes his honor, his familes as well to obtain her pardon. However, from the moment of Olivia Morse's release, everything goes wrong and so in order not to have Olivia returned to prison, Khalid states that she is his fiance and they are to be married. All sorts of questions arise with the government and his she a thief, a drug smuggler, and why would he want to marry when he's always told his family never!

Their journey actually begins in Cairo and then a wonderfulriver trip on the Nile, sights one dreams of seeing; history, color, artifacts, temples, bazaars, foods.....a dream come true for Olivia who is a travel agent from a small southern town. It's a journey of exploration for them, yearning, fear, the unknown factor if Olivia will be able to marry or go back to prison.

For Olivia is not just the adventure, it's finding out about herself, it's about falling for a man she doesn't understand, it's about honor, family and in the end love. It's a romantic adventure as only Jane Porter can write to exotic ports and places with an incredible honor bound sheikh, Khalid Fehr you'll adore!

Book Description:

When Sheikh Khalid Fehr rescues innocent Olivia Morse from the hands of his country's enemies, he guarantees her freedom by announcing she is his betrothed….
Khalid has vouched for Liv with his honor… and this desert king is determined that his new wife will fulfill her marital duties, by his side as his regal queen…and as his captive virgin bride!

Egyptian Bread & Butter Pudding (from Jane Porter's website)

Egyptian Bread & Butter Pudding - From Jane Porter's Website (King of the Desert, Captive Bride (May)

One of the desserts served in King of the Dessert, Captive Bride is Bread & Butter Pudding, an Egyptian spin on the traditional English bread pudding, and yet it has neither bread nor butter in the recipe. Fragrant with cinammon and rose water, this dessert features custard poured over layers of delicate sweetened pastry.

» 10-12 sheets of filo pastry
» 2 1/2 cups milk
» 1 cup heavy cream
» 1 egg beaten
» 2 tbl rose water
» 1/2 cup each chopped pistachio nuts, almonds and hazelnuts
» 3/4 cup raisins
» 1 tbl ground cinnamon
» Light cream to serve on side

1. Preheat oven to 325 F
2. Lay the filo pastry sheets on top of each other on a baking sheet and bake for 15-20 min until crisp. Remove from oven and increase the oven temp to 400 F
3. Scald the milk and cream by pouring them into a pan and heating very gently, until hot but not boiling. Slowly add the beaten egg and the rose water. Cook over a low heat, until it thickens, stirring all the time. Remove from the heat.
4. Crumble the pastry using your hands and then spread it in layers with the nuts and raisins in the base of a greased shallow baking dish.
5. Pour the custard mixture evenly over the nut and pastry base and then bake in the oven for 20 minutes, until golden. Sprinkle with cinnamon and serve with single cream.

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