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Trapped by desire and something else, you won’t want to miss The Desert King’s Pregnant Bride!

Sheikh Khalid Bin Shareef and Ms. Maggie Lewis were like “two star-crossed lovers” when they met one dark, blustery and rainy evening. They were meant to be but they didn’t know it; not at the time they first met nor did the handsome sheikh realize it until it was almost too late! Even taking into consideration how they were both raised, the emotional obstacles they needed to overcome; they were meant to be….lovers.

Maggie was upset, soaked to the bone and realized what a fool she’d been in wanting to take her relationship with her boyfriend a step further. It was like a slap in the face when she found him in the arms of another; she flees, stumbles and is rescued by a handsome stranger who she later finds out is visiting royalty. Khalid persuades Maggie to take a ride from him and upon close inspection sees that she’s troubled; instead of taking her home he takes her to the lodge where he is staying while visiting Australia. He’s determined to soothe her by getting her warm and dry clothes, just talking to her to reassure and comfort her. He realizes he might be in trouble because he finds her attractive and she intrigues him; he wants to protect her and more.

Khalid hasn’t felt like this since his wife died 8 years ago and it disturbs him. While soothing and holding Maggie, things change and they act upon their attraction to each other (I call it fate). She gives Khalid the greatest gift of all, her virginity. However, the next morning she’s determined to leave while Khalid sleeps; when he awakes and finds her gone, he’s determined to see her again! On top of everything, his brother dies and Khalid is forced to return to his country and become the ruler.

Maggie felt foolish and stupid that she was so trusting. She’d never felt loved……her father used, rejected and over worked her; her mother left and took her younger sister when she was very young. She had no sense of belonging, of being loved, self confidence as a woman, or that she might be desired by a man. It was painful to read about Maggie’s childhood. However, that one night in Khalid’s arms, and their passionate love making would stay with her for a lifetime, she was sure of it!

As for Khalid’s youth, his father was selfish; he only cared about his mistresses and Khalid's half brother which left Khalid on his own to forge his own future because he was not heir to the throne. Khalid married young; a few years later his wife died. He’s vowed never to give his heart again. He desires Maggie, wants to see her again and arranges for her to travel to Shajehar on the pretence of purchasing horses. It’s an accident which causes Maggie to be seen by a physician and later they both learn she’s pregnant with his child. He’s determined they will marry, she agrees because they are both committed to giving their child support, love and stability, something neither of them experienced when they were growing up. However, Maggie questions if she can live without love knowing Khalid is still mourning his dead wife?

The Desert King’s Pregnant Bride was a moving, touching and very enjoyable love story set in a progressive country with its people accepting Maggie as their queen. Watching Maggie grow as a person, taking language lessons, meeting with the women of the village, promoting education, and bonding with Khalid’s relatives, lovely!

As for this handsome Sheikh Khalid, his protectiveness and tenderness towards Maggie was incredibly sweet. Yet one wanted to shake him because he held on to a ghost, his dead wife. He was afraid to give his heart and you’ll cry for him because it’s obvious he adored Maggie.

This was a fascinating book to read. Their passion burns with their strong desire for each other. Annie West pens a wonderful romance novel with The Desert King’s Pregnant Bride this being her third sheikh book. I think my favourite parts of this love story were watching Maggie grow, feeling more confident as a person, and taking charge of her life. As for the sexy sheikh…..his tenderness, his concern and desire for Maggie and reading about how he was brought to his knees! Thanks Annie for another wonderful story…..I felt as if I were in your lovely home country, Australia and the beautiful desert!

Book Description:

Maggie is at her most defenceless when she meets Khalid, a mysterious yet sympathetic stranger. Their single night of passion has consequences neither expects. Khalid's solution to their situation is simple, a marriage of convenience. But can Maggie give up everything she knows to marry the enigmatic lord of a desert kingdom? Can she trust her life to the hands of the man who makes her vulnerable in ways she's never been before?

Khalid is determined to do the right thing by Maggie. She stirs his protective instincts even though she's one of the strongest and most resilient women he's ever met. More, she arouses desires and feelings he thought he'd buried long ago. He doesn't know where the passion between them will lead, but he refuses to back away, even if it means obliterating the walls they've each built around their emotions. He will have her as his bride and he won't settle for anything less than all of her: mind, body and heart.

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Well I've been holding out buying this series because #1 I work full time and #2 my to be read pile is well let's say I have a ton to read but I'm not complaining. I recently was at Barnes and Noble and Olivia's books caught my eye. She receives rave reviews and her website is stunning and romantic.


Book Description:

All she wanted to do was tell her lover she was pregnant, but upon entering his desert kingdom, Julia Gardner meets his suspicious twin brother, Sheik Karim Abdulla, and is held against her will until her claims can be proven. At the same time, a fanatical radical sect has decreed death for Karim, and she's caught up in the escalating attacks that revolve around finding ancient statues. As they race for their lives across the desert, Julia and Karim feel passion flaring in Dana Marton's action-filled and riveting Sheik Protector. Reviewed by Pat Cooper.(RomanticTimes TOP PICK for September!!!!).


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Three sexy, super-rich, gorgeous sheikhs. Three women who aren't impressed by their money, power or looks. The men--best friends for years--think they know all about women. Trust me. Tariq, Khalil and Salim are in for some very big surprises! October, November and December: THE SHEIKH TYCOONS. They're powerful, passionate... and as sexy as sin!

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Blogger Appreciation Week Winner

Cheri 2628 you're the winner. Congratulations. Please send me your name and details to Thanks all for entering my contest. I have some used books as well if any of you are interested, just email me and I'll send them off as well.

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I'm in the process of reading Annie's latest "sheikh" release and all I can say is wow! You'll fall in love with the heroine and love the fierce Khal and adore his tender side with Maggie. Marilyn

September/October Contest - "Modern" Contest – Anne West and Abby Green

Harlequin authors Annie West and Abby Green are now running a contest to celebrate the release of their latest books. For those not familiar with the name, 'Modern' is the British version of 'Presents' in North America or 'Sexy' in Australia.
To celebrate they're offering a lucky winner:

~ Chocolate Caramello Koalas to enjoy while you read, and
~ some stationery.
~ A signed copy of Abby's book THE SPANIARD'S MARRIAGE BARGAIN,

The contest runs over two months, closing on 28 October, Eastern Australian time. To enter, visit Annie West's website at and head for the contest page.

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Book Blogger Appreciation Week Is Coming!

Nominations are now being accepted for the Book Blogger Appreciation Week awards, in two dozen categories ranging from "best general book blog" to "best design," "most eclectic taste," and even "best name for a blog." (There's also a category for blogs about the publishing industry, in case you know any blogs like that of which you think well, like Eco-Libris, or TeleRead.) You can nominate up to two blogs in any category until Sunday; shortlists will be whittled down to the top five nominees in each category and voting will take place starting September 15.

In it's honor, I'll be giving away a copy of Jane Porter's King of the Desert, Captive Bride

From September 12 through 15th
Just post a comment or send me an email
I will mail to any country

To Vote:

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Stop over at The Pink Heart Society where they are celebrating their 2nd Birthday and win some prizes. Link:

In honor of their 2nd birthday, I'll be giving a copy of Susan Stephens Desert King, Pregnant Mistress. Just post a comment to this post and I'll have a drawing at the end of the month.

From the moment they met the air sizzled and under the circumstances….thunderous!
Erin Maguire lives up to her name and red hair; she is fierce, can’t control her tongue and is a spit fire when it comes to protecting her adoptive son.

Erin has a past and no family. Her mother, amongst other things was a deceased addict, never new her father, lived on the streets and was in trouble with the authorities until an older couple took her in. That’s when she met Faisal and his baby son who were in need of a nanny. It was Erin’s devotion to the baby and her friendship with Faisal after his wife died, that led him to marry Erin in name only, especially when he found out he was terminally ill. He told Erin neither he nor his wife had any family so he asked her to adopt and raise his son upon his death.

The handsome, fierce and stubborn Sheikh Zahir is on a mission. He and his father have just been told that his eldest brother died and has left an heir to the throne, a son named Kazim. The King is ill and wants to know his grandson so he dispatches Zahir immediately to return the young boy back home where he belongs. There is some mystery as to why this family has been separated from each and why Faisal, Zahir and the King were estranged, which adds an interesting element to the storyline.

What a shock when they meet and Zahir sets eyes on Erin, his brother’s 2nd wife. She immediately catches his eye and he’s sexually attracted by her beauty. It’s a battle of wills, threats and shouts and in the end, Erin, Kazim and Zahir return to the desert, Qubbah and the King.

This is a very spirited and at times sad story but the fire that burns between this couple sizzles off of the page. It’s a battle of wills, attraction, miscommunication plus throw into the mix a forced marriage between Erin and Zahir. In the end, it’s a beautifully crafted love story by Chantelle Shaw, set with passion and fire, one you won’t want to miss

Book Description:

Erin Maguire is shocked to discover that her adopted son is the heir to a desert kingdom! Now they're en route to the land of Qubbah with little Kazim's uncle, the powerful and arrogant Zahir bin Kahlid al Muntassir!

Zahir insists Erin marry him, and that his young nephew remain in Qubbah! She refuses to leave Kazim behind, but she's not of royal blood. Zahir will have a very ordinary virgin bride in his bed on his wedding night!


This book is explosive! What a handsome and strong sheikh Khal is........proud, firm and arrogant and he's smitten by a young woman from Liverpool that will blow any reader away! Khal is bound by duty and at times ignores Beth Tracey Torrance and what’s important to her. After their brief time together, she returns to Liverpool only to find out she’s expecting the ruling sheikh’s baby!

The shop girl from Liverpool is charming, strong, fierce and proud. She adores Khal and when she returns to England and finds herself pregnant, her only thought is of her daughter Hannah. She misses Khal but is determined to be the best mother ever!

This was a “feisty” read and at times very sad but it’s another wonderful sheikh story by the incredible Susan Stephens and you won’t be sorry you’ve read it and most of all you will never forget Beth Tracey Torrence!

Book Description:

Sheikh Khalifa is bored by the potential wives paraded in front of him. So when he catches sweet, innocent Beth Torrance trespassing on his private beach, he is more than ready to be distracted….
Beth comes to the island a na├»ve virgin, but leaves an awakened woman—and unknowingly pregnant with the sheikh's baby! When the desert king vows to claim his child—and take its mother as his permanent mistress—Beth is powerless to refuse a royal decree!

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