Tuesday, September 09, 2008

From the moment they met the air sizzled and under the circumstances….thunderous!
Erin Maguire lives up to her name and red hair; she is fierce, can’t control her tongue and is a spit fire when it comes to protecting her adoptive son.

Erin has a past and no family. Her mother, amongst other things was a deceased addict, never new her father, lived on the streets and was in trouble with the authorities until an older couple took her in. That’s when she met Faisal and his baby son who were in need of a nanny. It was Erin’s devotion to the baby and her friendship with Faisal after his wife died, that led him to marry Erin in name only, especially when he found out he was terminally ill. He told Erin neither he nor his wife had any family so he asked her to adopt and raise his son upon his death.

The handsome, fierce and stubborn Sheikh Zahir is on a mission. He and his father have just been told that his eldest brother died and has left an heir to the throne, a son named Kazim. The King is ill and wants to know his grandson so he dispatches Zahir immediately to return the young boy back home where he belongs. There is some mystery as to why this family has been separated from each and why Faisal, Zahir and the King were estranged, which adds an interesting element to the storyline.

What a shock when they meet and Zahir sets eyes on Erin, his brother’s 2nd wife. She immediately catches his eye and he’s sexually attracted by her beauty. It’s a battle of wills, threats and shouts and in the end, Erin, Kazim and Zahir return to the desert, Qubbah and the King.

This is a very spirited and at times sad story but the fire that burns between this couple sizzles off of the page. It’s a battle of wills, attraction, miscommunication plus throw into the mix a forced marriage between Erin and Zahir. In the end, it’s a beautifully crafted love story by Chantelle Shaw, set with passion and fire, one you won’t want to miss

Book Description:

Erin Maguire is shocked to discover that her adopted son is the heir to a desert kingdom! Now they're en route to the land of Qubbah with little Kazim's uncle, the powerful and arrogant Zahir bin Kahlid al Muntassir!

Zahir insists Erin marry him, and that his young nephew remain in Qubbah! She refuses to leave Kazim behind, but she's not of royal blood. Zahir will have a very ordinary virgin bride in his bed on his wedding night!

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