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Now that her mother has passed away, it’s become important to Layla Addison to get to know her father who resides in a desert kingdom and find out the truth as to why her mother left him and raised her alone. She is led to believe by her father that he would like to get to know her. However, in the end, he’s a brut and a horrible man and uses her to gain profit by selling her to a despicable man to become his wife.

Sheikh Kahlil al Hasim like all desert princes is proud, extremely handsome, arrogant and not too pleased that he has been summoned home to Al Ankhara to meet with his father and the council. He’s had to put a multi-millionaire business deal and a new mistress on hold to return to his father and the desert. Kahlil has always known he was a part of Al Ankhara and someday he will need to lead his people. He’s spent a good part of his life pretending he wasn’t part of it

On the night of his return he observes someone dressed in the native dress walking directly into the ocean. He investigates and learns that this person is non-other than the beautiful Layla. What he eventually learns is of her betrothal to the “pig” of a man and like all warriors Kahlil feels he must save her from her fate, so he comes up with a plan. Kahlil also realizes that he must keep his father from being a part of a disastrous plan that would bring grief to his country. Duty and honour are part of him but at times, he wishes things were different!

Layla is an extremely lovely woman with such a spirit and fire it will warm your heart and she’s has walked into a mess in more ways than one. How can she escape this marriage and now she is under the protection of this sexy sheikh, at times it is more than she can emotionally endure. Will Kahlil’s plan work or will it backfire? This spitfire is constantly challenging this desert prince and he resorts to always kissing her into silence or submission.

Like all East meets West love stories, there are misunderstandings, frustrations and a sexual tension that heats up the pages as only Sandra Marton can pen in the Sheikhs Wayward Wife. Their desire and passion are immediately felt by the reader and Kahlil’s confusion as to what he is feeling and experiencing were a joy to read, especially his strong feelings in wanting to protect Layla and the means with which he did protect her.
This second book in the Sheikh Tycoon’s series was a sincere pleasure to read. Its passion and fire were so evident and had me wanting more and more and not wanting their beautiful love story to end.

Book Description:

Sheikh Khalil al Hasim is more than happy to escort feisty Layla Addison back to his desert kingdom and hand her over to her betrothed. But he's almost as horrified as she is by the lecherous man she's being forced to marry!

With steely determination, Khalil demands she become his bride instead! Layla's powerless to resist his wicked good looks, but he's arrogant and overbearing. Has this rebellious bride just jumped from the frying pan into the fire?

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