Monday, December 01, 2008

Hello, all. It's Sandra Marton.

It's been a crazy (and crazed) couple of months! Deadlines. Page proofs. A manuscript to finish, some revisions to do, another manuscript to begin... and, of course, Thanksgiving. Our family--son, daughter in law, two little grandchildren and two big grand-dogs... were with us to celebrate the day.

All this is by way of explaining why I haven't posted on this wonderful site, especially when I have three--that's 3--sheikh books out right now!

My trilogy, The Sheikh Tycoons, hit the stores in October. The first book, THE SHEIKH'S DEFIANT BRIDE, made the Borders/Waldenbooks Bestseller List. So did the second book, THE SHEIKH'S WAYWARD WIFE. And book three, THE SHEIKH'S REBELLLIOUS MISTRESS, has just been published and, yes, it's already on the Borders/Waldenbooks Bestseller List, as well.

Readers have emailed to tell me these are among the most passionated, most dramatic, most sexy sheikh books I've ever written. I think so, too--and I hope you'll agree.

Last but far from least, I've been running a contest on my website . It ended yesterday but you might want to pop on over and enter it anyway. I'll add your name to the next contest I'll be running. More about that soon. Oh, and you can click on the covers of my current sheikh trilogy at my website and read an excerpt from each book!

Meanwhile, please do drop me a line and let me know if you've enjoyed falling in love with Tariq, Khalil and Salim. I certainly did, when I created them.

Sandra Marton

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