Friday, January 23, 2009

If you like intensity, passion, danger and one hot and handsome sheikh, then Sarah Morgan's The Sheikh's Virgin Princess is for you. It's a scorching romance set in two countries as opposite as night and day, Rovina and the desert kingdom of Zangrar.

Years ago two friends made an oath to have their children marry and for the proud and honor bound Sheikh Karim that's impossible and he going to set out to make sure he doesn't have to marry the "rebel princess". He watched his father suffer at the hand of another "rebel princess" his stepmother and he's not going to see his country suffer further. He sets out to meet the lovely Princess Alexandra and prove to her that the desert is not a place for a "spoiled" princess so he poses as a body guard sent by the sheikh.

Princess Alexa is determined to marry the Sheikh as a means to an end to assure her safety from her Uncle and to help restore her country to prosperity and the way it was when her father was alive and ruled Rovina. What she doesn't count on is loving not only the desert but the sheikh.

If you love hot romance set in the hot desert sun, Morgan's entertaining story will have you on pins and needles and set your heart racing. Is a lovely desert romance with twists and turns, secrets and love scenes.

Book Description:

Karim, Sultan of Zangrar, sought a gentle, obedient bride. What he got was a defiant, feisty wife with fire in her eyes!

She couldn't be a virgin—she was a rebel princess who wouldn't be tamed. She was hiding secrets, refusing to do his bidding!

The marriage contract couldn't be broken. Their wedding vows had to be sealed!
And then the sultan discovered Princess Alexandra was in fact an innocent….

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The ladies at Writing Playground have donated some items for this auction to help a homeless mom and her daughter. Any reader or author will want to take advantage. Details here.

Monday, January 19, 2009


This was an extremely entertaining and romantic love story taking place in England at a castle and also in the Amrah Desert Kingdom.

One’s first impression of Sheikh Rashid is he has it all, wealth, power, looks and can any woman he wants. But as one gets to know his character, he is so much more; he’s devoted to his kingdom, his brother and sister and aches to see his father before he dies. He’s also out for revenge as an English Duke has sold him a stud which can not produce and has taken his money and Rashid vows to get even.

Polly you will adore. She’s sweet, caring, devoted to her mother and Shelton Castle. She’s determined to take care of her wheelchair bound mother, the castle her stepbrother is about to ruin and live up to the expectations her stepfather had for his heirs. Now she’s been offered the opportunity to travel to Amrah and film a documentary about her great grand mother and have the adventure of her life.

It’s immediate attraction for Polly when she sees Rashid; he absolutely takes her breath away. She is overwhelmed by him so when he takes an interest in her she believes it to be sincere. However, for Rashid he needs to make sure Polly is not involved in her step brother’s deception so he is wary but he cannot deny his physical attraction for her. On top of everything else, his father is dying and does not want to see him plus there are security issues in his country because a new sheikh will be declared upon the death of his father. For Rashid his country means everything to him and he knows once Polly finds out he is going to ruin her stepbrother and possibly loose the castle, there can be no relationship.

Cinderella and the Sheikh is truly a Cinderella story set in the romantic desert full of mystery with the hope for the future for both Polly and Rashid.

Book Description:

Life has been tough on Pollyanna, who has constantly been at someone's beck and call. So when she journeys to the desert with magnificent sheikh Rashid, it feels like a dream! Charisma. Power. Danger. In just days, Rashid has taken Polly's world and changed it. He can't ever be hers, but what she is feeling is as old as time itself.Pollyanna came to Amrah to relive her great-grandmother's adventure. But as the fairy-tale trip draws to an end, her adventure—with Rashid—has only just begun

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