Friday, April 03, 2009


Sheikh Hashim is one proud, handsome, rich sheikh who is obcessed with the lovely Sienna who he met as a young girl in London, When her secret was exposed by a royal aide he was furious and left you with a broken heart. Now he's back for revevnge and he will have her at any cost because he can and will!

Sienna is a lovely young woman who has years later made a name for herself in the meeting and event planner industry. She has been called to a meeting with an unknown person to plan an event in the English country for VIP guests. Unknown to her it's Sheikh Hashim, the love of her life who broke her heart and now she is faced with planning an event or he will ruin her.

In a way, this was a love hate relationship and Sienna is blackmailed into spending time with Hashim. In the end, she becomes his mistress because she cannot forget him. When it comes time for the end, it will break your heart. Throughout their relationship you can see them becoming comfortable with each other and watch Sienna's love grow. As for Hashim, the reader is somewhat left up in the air so the last few chapters are a wonderful read as one witnesses him ponder and soften but always, he is honor bound to his country.

Sharon Kendrick is a master in writing sheikh books and Exposed: The Sheikh's Mistress is no exeception plus it delivers a surprise ending!

Book Description:

Is Sheikh Hashim al Aswad back with Sienna Baker, the model he nearly married? As the respected ruler of a desert kingdom, Hashim can only marry a suitable bride of impeccable virtue. But does Hashim know the truth behind Sienna's scandal?

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