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Sheik Karim Adbullah is called the “Dark Sheik” and it’s no wonder, not just his physical appearance which include multiple scars, a facial scar on his eye which had made him blind and additional scars mainly on his back. His identical twin has been intentionally killed and now he finds that he’s not only faced with finding his killer; plus a woman his brother met in he US claims his twin is the father of her unborn child.

Everything within days change; the pregnancy, his attraction to her, finding his brother’s killer and now his enemies want the woman and Karim dead.

Their journey is full of action, turmoil, danger, sexual attraction and mystery. On top of everything else, coupled with the danger, their attraction leaps off of the pages of this book and just reading about the “dark sheikh” softening and falling for Julia is very sweet and romantic.

What I loved about this particular sheikh story was it was honour bound not just Karim the born sheikh but the lovely Julia who was abandoned at a young age, raised in foster care and who had a definite need to belong. In the end, her sense of honour shines in this very lovely romantic love story. Again Dana Marton “dazzles” her readers with her Sheik Protector.

Book Description:

Proud, imperious and leery of pretenders to the throne, Sheik Karim Abdullah saw Julia Gardner as just another gold digger. The American claimed to be carrying his dead twin's child, so the Dark Sheik decreed she remain his palace "guest" until paternity was established.

But the rebellious Julia proved as dangerous to Karim as the assassins stalking him. Her fi erce need to safeguard her baby turned the sheik into a protective lover. And the wounded warrior vowed to savor the moment…then walk away before he jeopardized her safety.…

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