Friday, May 01, 2009


For those who adore medical romance, you'll love this book and if your a fan of contemporary romance and sheikh genre then you won't want to miss it.

Sheikh Kamid is unique and not like the normal alpha sheikh even though he is handsome, wealthy and a doctor. What made him special to me is even though he could possibly be the heir to the throne he is on a mission. One will learn that his father has not taken into consideration the state of his country and the needs of his people. Kam and his twin who are both physicians, by choice as the reader will learn, are determined to make amends. Instead of being stubborn and proud, this particular sheikh was attentive to Jenny's needs, thoughtful and very sexy indeed.

Jenny Stapelton is one beautiful, kind and caring doctor. She has reasons for leaving her home land due to loosing her husband and unborn child. Jenny puts herself into situations and travels to countries in need to heal. When she meets Kam, she is doctoring TB and ill refugees from a neighboring border who are in the throes of war.

Merrdeith Webber has written a great story but at times for me the medical terminology slowed me down a little. However, I honestly enjoyed this extremely refreshing sheikh book.

Book Description:

In the desert kingdom of Zaheer, Jenny Stapleton meets Kam, a man she thinks is a doctor. Though she's instantly attracted to him, her past makes her wary of getting involved—especially when she discovers he's actually Sheikh Kamid, doctor and heir to the throne of Zaheer!

Kam is struck by Jen's passion for his people—and the passion she arouses in him. Soon to be king, Kam needs a wife, and Jenny's the perfect candidate. Now he'll claim her as his convenient bride—and his queen!

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