Sunday, May 17, 2009

THE DESERT KING - Olivia Gates

Prince Kamal and the future King of Judar was the most ruthless brother of all in the final book in The Throne of Judar's miniseries. You'll just want to shake him for his lack of insight and anger when it came to a past affair with the lovely and fragile Aliyah. Seven years earlier they had been a couple and then the fierce and emotional break up when Kamal believed his lover to be a drug user and slut as he spat out to her, ending the relationship and leaving Aliyah in an emotional mess.

Now he needs Aliyah to marry him, become his queen while he rules two nations, one being her father's. For Aliyah she's an emotion mess, not only is her heart broken by the parents she believed she had, she now finds out that she has not only a new father but also a new mother and a sister. On top of everything the insults she receives from Kamal and the realization she must marry him to save both nations and in the end, after she bears him an heir, they will divorce. Can her heart bear anymore hurt?

This was an incredible ending for this miniseries with many lessons being learned in the end.....forgiveness, appreciation of each other, healing and miraculous love. The Desert King and The Throne of Judar minseries you won't want to miss written by the talented Olivia Gates.

Book Description:

Their farce of a marriage will save his kingdom. And in return for an heir, Kamal Aal Masood will give his new wife Aliyah anything—except the trust and intimacy she desperately wants.

When Kamal abruptly ended their blistering affair years ago, he vowed Aliyah would never ensnare him again. Only a fool allowed his actions to be ruled by his heart. And only a woman like Aliyah would dare to challenge a king in a passionate battle of wills.…

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