Saturday, May 16, 2009


While this was not as intense as The Desert Lord’s Baby, it was a roller coaster of a romantic journey as only Olivia Gates can pen. Lies, secrets and an agenda always have a pay back for the person playing games and sheikh Shehab got what he deserved.

The neighboring country and King had a daughter he recently found out about and that was Farah Beaumont. You’ll love the very sweet and generous Farah yet you will cry for her as she’s so gullible to believe Shehab. She is whisked away and taunted by his sexy advances only to make her wait and when the waiting is over, it’s six weeks of playing house and she falls head over heals in love.

Shehab is next in line to rule his country but he must marry the King’s daughter Farah. He’s heard she has a reputation so he plans to court her under a different name and then marry her as planned by both nations. However, what he doesn’t count on if falling for her and he prolongs telling her the truth of his identify and the plan. However, when it becomes too late…….well you’ll just have to read the book yourself because it’s a real tear jerker.

I can wait for the final installment of this Throne of Judar series and I’m so pleased that I can say that author Olivia Gates is an auto buy for me as she’s an incredible author!

Book Description:

The future of Judar rests with Farah Beaumont, a foreigner who wants nothing to do with her heritage.
And to secure his country's peace, prince Shehab Aal Masood must make her his bride—by any means necessary.
Hiding his identity and sweeping Farah off her feet is a start. But the joyful, seemingly innocent Farah is nothing like he expects. And Shehab's calculated seduction soon becomes an affair too powerful to control….

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