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If you want an intense and a dominating sheikh who demands, commands and expects respect and obedience then The Playboy Sheikh’s Virgin Stable-Girls is for you. In all of my years of reading the sheikh genre, never have I read such a book with a sheikh as bold as Kaliq.

One learns that Kaliq and Eleni met when he arrived at her father’s to play cards. Eleni’s father has her posing as his servant girl and looses his prize race horse to the sheikh which actually is Eleni’s horse whom she adores. When he looks into her beautiful green eyes and sees that she has a special way of dealing with horses, he takes her from her childhood home and brings her back to his palace as his stable girl. She fascinates him, especiallty her eyes and her innocence and he nicknames her “lizard”.

Sheik Kaliq is a very proud man and one who has a secret which torments him. His sweet stable girl for some reason brings out feelings in him and one day she notices his physical scars and questions how they came to be. Kaliq reveals that he and his brother years ago were held captive while watching their brother and he was swept out to sea and never found again, a secret he had never told to another woman. He then realizes he’s attracted to her and starts the seduction.

For Eleni, her life since her mother died has been a dismal one, waiting on her father and taking care of her horse have been her life. Now she’s living in the palace, working with horses, has a new wardrobe and a sheikh who tells hewr it’s her duty to be available for her sheikh. Starting with a slow seduction, she’s afraid yet intrigued. When he tells her he’s taking her to England, she’s overwhelmed. However, being the master seducer that he is, he tutors Eleni in the art of love. He also makes it very clear that he doesn’t “do permanent” and she’s determined to please him so much that should he leave her he’ll be hurt remembering their time together.

At times this was hard for me to read as I felt she was being taken advantage of yet sometimes her character surprised me with her strength and insight into her lover. In the end after this demanding sheikh realizes he’s blocked out emotion and he understands why. Somewhere along the way Eleni forced him to confront his deepest fears and when he realized that, the reader will forget how demanding and at times how cruel his remarks were to Eleni. All in all, I enjoyed The Playboy Sheikh’s Virgin Stable-Girl especially when I read about him coming to terms with his past and what Eleni had brought to their relationship.

Book Description:

Polo-playing sheikh Prince Kaliq Al'Farisi loves his women as much as his horses. They're wild, willing, and he's their master!

Stable girl Eleni is a local Calistan. Raised by her brutal father on the horse-racing circuit, she feels unlovable. When her precious horses are given to Sheikh Kaliq, she refuses to be parted from them.

The playboy sheikh is determined to bed Eleni—and when Kaliq realizes she's a virgin, the challenge only becomes more interesting….

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Dark Hearted Desert Men coming 2010

Here's a direct quote from Annie West's Newsletter. I'm so excited that there will be another sheikh series in 2010! Thanks Mills and Boon and Harlequin! xxoo

For those of you who enjoy sheikh stories, I can now tell you I’ve been working on a book for a new series called The Dark Hearted Desert Men. I’m thrilled to be working with talented authors Trish Morey, Carol Marinelli and Jennie Lucas on this linked continuity which will be on sale in 2010. My book, the final of the four, is called Scandal: His Majesty’s Love-Child. In this case, ‘His Majesty’ is a sheikh and reluctant king who’s bored with life until a certain dark haired beauty saves him, turning his world and his expectations upside down. I’m excited about this story and can’t wait to share it.

So if anyone knows the details on the series, please share......thanks!


They both had commitments and obligations and met in a most unusual way. Karim was a guest at a posh party and Lily was the caterer. They met quite by chance and the attraction was so immediate that they secretly kissed on a balcony. Would they ever see each other again? Yes, however quite by chance. Romantic and sensual would be two adjectives to describe Kate Hardy’s wonderful Surrender to the Playboy Sheikh.

Lily was a proud and brave woman and business lady who ran a catering firm who catered for the rich and famous. Now, quite by chance Sheikh Karim comes back into her life with a request for her to cater his important business meetings. She is so overbooked she says no but he’s persistent and she agrees. They are so drawn to each other and it is eminent they soon mix business with pleasure. However, they both make ground rules because this affair can only be that as Karim will in months to come have to return home to his country to be its ruler. As for Lily, because she was once burned by her ex-husband, she is dedicated to her business and career.

Karim, made a vow to his family and country that when his brother passed in a tragic accident he would one day become its ruler. He was schooled in London and gave up his academic dreams for his career. He’s also aware he must marry and produce an heir; a marriage arranged by his parents. Therefore, this passion he feels for Lily must be short lived. However, in the end, the tables are turned when he realizes he loves her.

As for Lily, she falls deep and hard for Karim but because of her past with her ex-husband and her devotion to her business she knows she must keep her feelings to herself and make the most of the time they will have together. This love story is so breathtaking and romantic you’ll want this for one of your summer reads!

Book Description:

Karim al-Hassan can have any woman he wants, and sexy little waitress Lily Finch has caught his eye. One glance leads to a searing kiss—and a hunger that Karim plans to satisfy with a temporary fling.

But Lily is actually more than just a waitress. Successful and career-focused, she is determined never to mix business with pleasure—until playboy Karim's slow seduction breaks down her resistance! Soon Karim is breaking his own rules: he wants Lily in his bed—forever!

Behind the Book, a direct quote from Author Kate Hardy:

"Surrender to the Playboy Sheikh, which is the first part of my To Tame a Playboy duo. I’d had a yen to write a sheikh for ages – and I’m thrilled that this is the very first Modern Heat sheikh. I’ve dedicated the book to lovely Liz Fielding, who writes wonderfully inspiring sheikhs (and who lent me a very good book as background – which I must return!! I know where it is on my shelf, though). Of course, being me, he’s not just a sheikh. His original job was really interesting. (Yup. He’s one of my nerdy scientists.) And I think that this cover might just be my favourite of all to date. It’s spot on for a scene in the book (you just have to imagine Vaughan Williams’ ‘Fantasia on a Theme of Thomas Tallis’ playing in the background)."

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Blogger Appreciation Week

Nominate your favorite book blog, it fun and hoping to see you during the week.


Announcing the Second Annual Book Blogger Appreciation Week September 14-18, 2009

Last year over 400 blogs came together to celebrate the art of book blogging during the first ever Book Blogger Appreciation Week! I am so pleased to announce that the second annual Book Blogger Appreciation Week will be taking place September 14-18.
WHO Anyone who blogs about books is invited to participate. In fact, we want everyone who blogs about books and reading to be a part of this week!

WHAT A week where we come together, celebrate the contribution and hard work of book bloggers in promoting a culture of literacy, connecting readers to books and authors, and recogonizing the best among us with the Second Annual BBAW Awards. There will be special guest posts, daily blogging themes, and giveaways.
WHEN September 14-18, 2009

WHERE Here at the new Book Blogger Appreciation Week Blog! (Please note that this year there are three separate blogs and feeds—one for the main event, one for giveaways, and one for awards.)

WHY Because books matter. In a world full of options, the people talking about books pour hard work, time, energy, and money into creating a community around the written word. I, Amy, the founder of Book Blogger Appreciation Week love this community of bloggers and want to shower my appreciation on you!

Please help us spread the word about Book Blogger Appreciation Week by posting about it on your blog, stumbling this post, twittering about it, and telling everyone you know that it’s time to have a party and celebrate book bloggers!
Please register by filling out the registration form! Registering ensures your inclusion in the BBAW 09 Database of Book Bloggers and enters you into the drawing for the BBAW 09 Grand Prize!

Come back often as there will be many updates! And follow us on Twitter!

BBAW Award Nominations will open tomorrow, July 15 on the BBAW Awards Blog.

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Again Susan Stephens charms her readers with a very steamy and sexy Sheikh Boss, Hotel Desert Nights.Sheikh Rafik (Raffa as he’s fondly called by Casey) is immediately drawn to the woman he’s sent for from England to help market his country.

Casey Michaels he realizes almost immediately is innocent however she amazes him with her business sense. Life has taught him many lessons and duty to his country is the most important thing in his life. However, she charms him and he’s drawn to her and fights it every step of the way.

Casey Michaels is determined to prove herself and win not only the marketing job but earn the respect of her employer, the sheikh. However, she as well doesn’t count on the intense attraction she feels towards him. She’s there to impress and impress she does when she takes on a charity auction, the proceeds to benefit the desert inhabitants. As she finally spends time in the desert, every thing heats up and not only the weather. Seeing Raffa in his own element with his people makes him more human, and not the playboy sheikh the press makes him out to be but a man of “simple tastes”.

Their love story was for the most part set in the desert, full of sensual tension until they make love and then everything becomes complicated for them both. Sadness like every journey takes place in the form of Casey realizing she must walk away only to have Raffa realize how important she was to him. Sheikh Boss, Hot Desert Nights was just a sweet and beautiful journey in finding happiness.

Behind the book from authors website:

"I couldn’t resist another visit into the desert to unravel the secrets that lie behind the silken veil. I took a younger sheikh for this romantic adventure- a ruthless bad boy on the cusp of greatness, and gave him a determined young woman to go head to head with- in business, and in bed.

It was great to see Casey Michaels growing in confidence and in understanding of a very different culture- not to mention learning how to handle this dark and dangerous alpha male.I had the best time writing the book and hope you enjoy your journey behind the silken veil…" S. Stephens

Book Description:

Casey Michaels has come prepared for her new job in the desert—complete with a safari outfit! But, faced with her gorgeous boss's potent sexuality, she suddenly feels out of her depth….

Sheikh Rafik al Rafar knows an inexperienced woman when he sees one, and in the sultry heat of the desert he begins her sensual awakening. To his surprise, Casey teaches him about the simple pleasures in life. But royal duty is never far from their door….

Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Kate Hardy's Surrender to the Playboy Sheikh is my first contest and all you have to do to win is tell me why Lily doesn't feel the sheikh would marry a non-royal. The answer is on Kate's site located in Behind the Book

My second contest is for Susan Stephens Sheikh Boss, Hot Desert Nights and to win a copy stop by Susan's site and tell me the name of her skeikh.

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Kate Hewitt has yet again written a very intense and beautiful love wtory in The Sheikh’s Love-Child. It’s a wild as the desert and so intense at times one will find themselves holding their breath and want to pound some sense into both Sheikh Khaled and Lucy Banks.

Four years earlier the final blow was given to Sheikh Khaled, his knee was in shattered and at some time in his life he might be wheelchair bound so he leaves his beloved rugby team and his lover behind without a word to return to his country and the desert. It’s obvious reading about their past that their relationship was fast and furious and very intense and it’s also left behind a woman with a broken heart, one that never had a chance to tell him they had a son, not matter how hard she tried to reach him.

Now, Lucy Banks finds herself on a plane with the English rugby team as their physiotherapist flying to Khaled’s country Biryal for a rugby match. She not only has a responsibility to the team but to tell her ex-lover they have a son and is scarred to death to see and tell him about Sam.

He has changed…..he’s intense, brooding, angry and dark but he’s still has the power to hurt her. Their first initial meeting is horrible as he doesn’t give her the time of day. I promise anyone who reads this, prepare yourself because time after time one will definitely feel the pain they both inflict on each other. The only time they seem to agree is concerning their son and it was so sweet to read about their first meeting and watch this dark sheikh soften while around his son.

Like all love stories and especially this particular one, there are so many secrets and issues to get past, it becomes overwhelming at times. Sometimes the only way is to forge ahead and forgive and let the past go. Their attempt is to have a marriage of convenience for the sake of their son. But at what cost?

I can only say when they both finally come to terms with their past and I also mean abandonment issues, trust, they way they were raised and the way they can move forward, have a box of Kleenex on standby as it’s quite a spectacular ending as only Kate Hewitt can pen!

Book Description:

With butterflies fluttering in her stomach, Lucy Banks has arrived in the desert kingdom of Biryal—with a secret!

Seeing Sheikh Khaled—the man who once loved and left her—in his sumptuous royal palace, Lucy is blown away by his barbaric magnificence: he's king of the desert and his eyes are blacker and harder than before. He's not the man she once knew. She wants to run away from his overwhelming masculinity, but they're inextricably bound forever…for he is the father of her son.

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