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They both had commitments and obligations and met in a most unusual way. Karim was a guest at a posh party and Lily was the caterer. They met quite by chance and the attraction was so immediate that they secretly kissed on a balcony. Would they ever see each other again? Yes, however quite by chance. Romantic and sensual would be two adjectives to describe Kate Hardy’s wonderful Surrender to the Playboy Sheikh.

Lily was a proud and brave woman and business lady who ran a catering firm who catered for the rich and famous. Now, quite by chance Sheikh Karim comes back into her life with a request for her to cater his important business meetings. She is so overbooked she says no but he’s persistent and she agrees. They are so drawn to each other and it is eminent they soon mix business with pleasure. However, they both make ground rules because this affair can only be that as Karim will in months to come have to return home to his country to be its ruler. As for Lily, because she was once burned by her ex-husband, she is dedicated to her business and career.

Karim, made a vow to his family and country that when his brother passed in a tragic accident he would one day become its ruler. He was schooled in London and gave up his academic dreams for his career. He’s also aware he must marry and produce an heir; a marriage arranged by his parents. Therefore, this passion he feels for Lily must be short lived. However, in the end, the tables are turned when he realizes he loves her.

As for Lily, she falls deep and hard for Karim but because of her past with her ex-husband and her devotion to her business she knows she must keep her feelings to herself and make the most of the time they will have together. This love story is so breathtaking and romantic you’ll want this for one of your summer reads!

Book Description:

Karim al-Hassan can have any woman he wants, and sexy little waitress Lily Finch has caught his eye. One glance leads to a searing kiss—and a hunger that Karim plans to satisfy with a temporary fling.

But Lily is actually more than just a waitress. Successful and career-focused, she is determined never to mix business with pleasure—until playboy Karim's slow seduction breaks down her resistance! Soon Karim is breaking his own rules: he wants Lily in his bed—forever!

Behind the Book, a direct quote from Author Kate Hardy:

"Surrender to the Playboy Sheikh, which is the first part of my To Tame a Playboy duo. I’d had a yen to write a sheikh for ages – and I’m thrilled that this is the very first Modern Heat sheikh. I’ve dedicated the book to lovely Liz Fielding, who writes wonderfully inspiring sheikhs (and who lent me a very good book as background – which I must return!! I know where it is on my shelf, though). Of course, being me, he’s not just a sheikh. His original job was really interesting. (Yup. He’s one of my nerdy scientists.) And I think that this cover might just be my favourite of all to date. It’s spot on for a scene in the book (you just have to imagine Vaughan Williams’ ‘Fantasia on a Theme of Thomas Tallis’ playing in the background)."

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