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DESERT PRINCE, BRIDE OF INNOCENCE - Lynne Graham (Pregnant Brides)

There's something quite powerful about a tall dark and handsome desert prince who knows what he wants and never lets anything stand in his way. That's just one of the things that make Sheikh Jasim in Lynne Graham’s Desert Prince, Bride of Innocence so unforgettable. It is the first book in her Pregnant Brides series.

Have you ever known deep within your heart that a couple should definitely belong together? That’s how I felt about the very sexy Prince Jasim and the lovely titan Englishwoman, Elinor who was his brother Murad’s nanny. This proud sheikh thinks he’s doing his sister-in-law a favor by luring the nanny into a sexual relationship which leads to her having to leave their employ. Jasim believes again, his brother has shown bad judgment when it comes to the lovely young woman and is sure his brother will cause another family scandal. What he and his brother’s wife don’t know is that at one time Elinor’s mother and Murad loved each other and that the man was only trying to protect her by offering her a job and had no interest in the lovely young woman.

Elinor has always known since her mother died that her father had no use for her and was constantly belittling her. He called her stupid and nothing she could ever do pleased him. So as soon as she could she left home went to school to become a nanny and was thrilled when the crown prince offered her a job taking care of his daughter. Now she’s had a horrible birthday and has come back to the estate and an empty house because the Rais family is on holiday. If that’s not bad enough she encounters the most handsome man she’s every seen in her life, Murad’s brother who seduces, shames and tricks her into having leave her position.

Being the proud, determined and hard working person she’s become, Elinor is determined to find another position while Jasim has other ideas and wants her to live with him as his mistress. As fate would have it, he leaves on business, only to return and find that this young woman is pregnant so he demands they marry because if they don’t, his heir won’t be accepted. Just when one thinks things can’t get more complicated, the wedding is a disaster and hurtful to Elinor due to lack of emotion and then she over hears a conversation between her new husband and Murad’s wife which is so upsetting that she flees.

Jasim after long months of looking for Elinor he finds her and his son, the son that will be the heir to the Quaram throne. As much as they both fight the physical it’s still very much there and so is the mistrust, especially for Jasim. He still believes she was out to get something from Murad, he mistrusts her and does not believe her explanations because his past has taught him never to believe a woman. First his mother left he and his father for another man, and the woman he was to marry a few years ago was not what she seemed. Now he must return back to Quaram with his son which means he must take his wife with him. Reading some of this was hard at times because you knew if they could both drop their guard, see what was right in front of them, they would have a chance to be a family.

As always, Lynne Graham is very good at weaving together a fast plot and colorful story along with interesting characters. The chain of events she inserts into the storyline upon their arrival at Quaram only adds to the roller coaster romance.

For readers of Harlequin Presents and the sheikh genre and for those who love a good romance with an alpha hero who sets pages on fire with passion. Lynne Graham’s Desert Prince, Bride of Innocence is a story not to be missed!

Book Description:

Prince Jasim bin Hamid al Rais was concerned that his womanizing elder brother was bewitched by his child's nanny—the throne of Quaram could be threatened by scandal! Though Elinor Tempest appeared to be a fragile beauty, Jasim wasn't fooled; he'd deal with this strumpet himself….

Only after he'd ruthlessly seduced her did Jasim discover Elinor really had been a virgin—and she'd fallen pregnant! A royal baby couldn't be born out of wedlock so, faster than the desert wind, Elinor became Jasim's unwanted bride….

Post From I(Heart) Presents:

"Life can often be tough and I like my protagonists to have suffered at some stage in their lives because I think it makes them more real. My lead characters in DESERT PRINCE, BRIDE OF INNOCENCE both have unfortunate backgrounds and this has affected them in different ways.

Jasim was rejected as a child because his mother left his father for another man and his father was very tough on him. Elinor lost her mother young and her father was an intellectual who treated her as though she was stupid and denigrated her career as a nanny. Elinor was left with low self-esteem while Jasim’s various experiences make him too quick to distrust women.

In many ways all of us are shaped and marked for life by our upbringing, sometimes positively but just as often negatively. In common with many other writers I draw on some unhappy childhood experiences of my own when I write and sometimes I do wonder if the sad memories are the most effective at firing our creative energy. I know that I will often use pieces and feelings inspired by those recollections to illustrate and explain my characters’ strengths and flaws in greater depth." L. Graham

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