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Dark-Hearted Desert Men Series - Mills and Boon/Harlequin Presents

Mills and Boon and later Harlequin Presents are coming out with a new "sheikh" series called Dark-Hearted Desert Men. A kingdom torn apart by scandal, a throne left empty' four smoldering desert princes....Which one will claim the crown - and who will they claim as their brides?

Many years ago there were two Mediterranean islands ruled as one kingdom--Adamas. But bitter family feuds ripped the kingdom apart and the islands were ruled separately. The Greek Karades family reigned supreme over glamorous Aristo and the smoldering ring Al'Farisi sheikhs ruled the desert lands of Calista!

When the Aristan king died, an illegitimate daughter was discovered--Stephania, the rightful heir to the throne! Ruthlessly, the Caristan sheikh Zakari seduced her into marriage to claim absolute power but was overawed by her purity and succumbed to love. he kingdom is now ruled in the spirit of hope and prosperity.

But a black mark hangs over the Calistan royal family still. As young boys three of King Zakari's brothers were kidnapped for ransom by pirates. Two safely returned, but the youngest was swept out to sea and never found and presumed dead. But then at Zakari and Stephania's wedding a stranger appeared in their midst. The ruler of a nearby kingdom--Quasy. A stranger with scars on his wrists from the pirates ropes. A stranger who knows nothing of his past--only his future as a king!

What will happen when Xavian, King of Qusay discovers that he's living the wrong life? And who will claim the Qusay throne if the truth is unveiled?

One kingdom, one crown. Four smoldering desert princes. Which one will claim the throne and who will the claim as their brides?

Mills and Boon Modern releases: UK: March, April, May and June

Carol Marinelli - Wedlocked: Banished Sheikh, Untourched Queen (March)

A virgin bride for His Majesty’s pleasure

About to lose his kingdom, Xavian is marrying for power – his wedding night will be purely for duty. As he unveils his new queen, nervous and naked, bathed in fragrant oils, he’s stunned that she’s as beautiful as the desert stars…

This queen deserves a royal bedding worthy of the Arabian Nights…and in her arms Xavian discovers that, though he may not have a kingdom, he has the strength and power of a thousand kings.

But this untouched queen could be his undoing…

May - Tamed: The Barbarian King by Jennie Lucas

Should he take a mistress... or the throne?

He's as wild as the desert, a barbarian prince, a revered leader. Long ago he loved a girl, but the power of their feelings almost destroyed them both. Now that woman, the only one he could ever love, is forbidden to him!

Betrothed to another, unable to bear him sons, she is unfit to be his queen.... But she can stop the storm that has raged in his heart since he last made her his.

His choice - take her as his mistress, or become the king he was born to be....

June - Forbidden: The Sheikh's Virgin by Trish Morey

“Bedded, by order of the Sheikh”

Sheikh Rafiq Al'Ramiz left his homeland behind-betrayed by the woman he loved. He's hardened his heart and made his fortune-and now he must return: his country needs him. But he is more powerful than ever, and vengeance is high on his agenda!

Seeing Sera again, he finds the image he's held of a heartless temptress at odds with her drab robes and downcast eyes-but hewilltake what he's owed! What will this ruthless sheikh do when he discovers Sera's very real innocence?

July - Scandal: His Majesty's Love-Child - Annie West
Seduction in the Sand

Speculation surrounding exiled rebel Prince Tahir Al'Ramiz has reached fever pitch! After being spotted causing mayhem in an exclusive Monte Carlo casino, Tahir decides to fly home for his brother's coronation. But when the remains of his helicopter are discovered, the worst is assumed... Until he comes back from the dead, with no explanation as to how he survived!

Now a mysterious beauty has moved into the palace. Rumors of a pregnancy abound... Could it be that this notorious playboy prince's lost days in the desert camouflaged a secret affair?

.Dark Hearted Desert Men continuity, the follow up series to the enormously popular Royal House of Karedes. You won't want to miss any of these great titles!

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