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SCANDAL: HIS MAJESTY’S LOVE-CHILD – Annie West (Dark Hearted Desert Men, Book 4)

Annie West has successfully succeeded in creating one of the most charming yet tortured sheikh in Scandal: His Majesty’s Love-Child. It was essential that the final book tied everything together and Harlequin/Mills and Boon couldn’t have picked a more accomplished author than Ms. West to complete the task!

The Dark Hearted Desert Men was a spin-off from the Royal House of Karedes series. Of these four devastating sheikhs who would be king and would they find love? However, let’s not forget the authors who had a hand in writing this sexy series……Carol Marinelli, Jennie Lucas, Trish Morey and Annie West…..bravo!

Tahir Al’Ramirz was larger than life… a very young age he was exiled from his country by his father, a cruel and abusive man, more than abusive one will learn while reading this particular book. His father not only brutally beat him he also sent his thugs to also do the job. He also betrayed his wife with a string of mistresses. Tahir had never been able to please his father no matter how hard he tried. He was a loner and self-contained. He was dark, handsome, sexy, rich and had a different woman on his arm weekly. He had long ago given up caring what his family was up to until he received a call from his oldest brother that he was needed at home. It was on this journey over the desert, flying a helicopter in a dust storm that his plane went down.

Annalisa was keeping a promise to her father. She had promised to go into the desert and take his telescope to view a comet he named after her mother. She would make sure that the comet got the recognition it deserved! Yearly, she and her father had spent time camping in the the desert when she was not working as his medical assistant as he was the village doctor. Now she really had no one with the exception of a few aunts and cousins. So out to the desert she went and was to return home in a few days with a camel caravan. Then the most amazing thing happened while bathing in the oasis, the most incredible man appeared on the horizon wearing a tuxedo, staggering down the dunes. He was bleeding, had a bump on his head and he was the most handsome man and had the most incredible blue eyes. It was obvious to Annalisa that he was in need of medical assistance.

For them both their time spent in the desert was emotional; Annalisa missed her father but was looking forward to when she returned home she could travel, see the world and then go to university. Tahir’s wounds needed to be healed but he also needed to come to terms with his past and his nightmares and his feelings for this sweet young woman who had become his caretaker. As Tahir’s wounds healed, temptation was off the charts for them both. They actually liked and respected each other but the attraction was like a magnet for them both and then out in the desert camp, under the stars they made love many times and Annalisa lost her heart and virginity and Tahir for the first time in his life really enjoyed himself, he felt at peace. However, he knew the caravan that would take them home was soon to come and he needed to make a clean break, not to give her any hope and so he was curt, dismissive but made sure she knew that if she’d become pregnant, she needed to contact him.

Annalisa returned home and Tahir was hospitalized and then he was told he was to be King as he brother Rafiq didn’t want the throne. A shock yes, but a greater shock Annalisa had to face when she found out she’s was pregnant. She wandered the streets after receiving the news and fate steps in again when she accidentally meetsTahir’s mother the Sheikha who invited her to be a guest and stay at the palace.

Tahir was a fierce leader and stepped into his responsibilities as if he was born to lead. Annalisa’s stay at the Palace made him aware that’s she was more than a pretty face, she was different from and not the typical Qusay woman based on her European heritage and her involvement in her father’s profession. Talk about tension in the palace both sexual and emotional for them both. They complimented each other in so many ways and while reading this final story I could see hope for their relationship even though it took this tortured alpha some time to see reason.

Scandal: His Majesty’s Love-Child was a roller coaster romance with extreme tension leading the heroine from innocence to mature awareness and the hero from feeling tortured to feeling content. Annie West more than deserves high praise for writing such a beautiful contemporary and ending the series on such a high!

Book Description:

Speculation surrounding exiled rebel Prince Tahir Al-Ramiz has reached fever pitch! After being spotted causing mayhem in an exclusive Monte Carlo casino, Tahir flew home to Qusay for his brother-s coronation. But when a desperate mayday was received, and the remains of Tahir-s helicopter were discovered the worst was assumed- Until he came back from the dead, with no explanation as to how he had survived!

Now a mysterious beauty has moved into the palace. Rumours of a pregnancy abound- Could it be that this notorious playboy prince’s lost days in the desert camouflaged a secret affair?


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