Saturday, June 05, 2010

Author Trish Morey Talks About Her Writing Experience - Forbidden: The Sheikh’s Virgin

Trish Morey's book was such a wonderful addition to this series. Here's what the author posted over at I(Heart) Presents the other day.

I love that word “forbidden”. To me it conjures up images of wayward yearnings and dangerous desires, and a compelling tightrope walk between enforced restraint and sheer recklessness.

On one side of the tightrope lies safety.

On the other, the possibility of satisfaction beyond belief. But at what price?

Sheikh Rafiq Al’Ramiz, in Forbidden: The Sheikh’s Virgin, the third story in the Dark-Hearted Desert Men miniseries, knows all about that tightrope walk between restraint and recklessness. He knows he could play safe – and he’s determined at first to take just that course. Why should he have anything to do with the woman who took his heart so many years ago and then smashed it so cold heartedly on the rocks of her marriage vows to another?

Except after his return to Qusay, restraint soon finds itself replaced by the desire for revenge. Sera is now a widow. And why shouldn’t Rafiq make her feel as uncomfortable with the situation as he does? What’s stopping him now taking what was so rightfully due to him so many years ago? And what price might he ultimately pay if he does?

It’s a rocky road – or maybe more appropriately, an emerald strewn road – if this couple are to ever find their happy ever after.

I loved writing Forbidden: The Sheikh’s Virgin, the third installment in the Dark-Hearted Desert Men mini-series. I hope you love it too!

PS: Already in its second week at #3 on the Borders Group Series Bestsellers List, Forbidden: The Sheikh’s Virgin has just debuted in the USA Today Bestseller List at number 96!

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