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Desert Sons - Linda Conrad

A trilogy from Silhouette Romantic Suspense

About Desert Sons from Linda's website"

When I was a little girl, I spent my afternoons daydreaming in the library. I loved getting lost in the fantasies and dramas between the pages of a book. Then when I became a teenager, I spent Saturday afternoons watching ancient movies about strong heroes, once again getting caught up in the fantasy.

My favorite stories as a girl were The Tales of the Arabian Nights. And as a teenager, one of my favorite movie themes centered on a dark sheik coming to the rescue of the fair maiden and the two of them riding across the desert into the sunset.

Somewhere along the line I grew up, took up reality and put aside my favorite fantasy themes. But with the Desert Sons trilogy, I’ve decided to revisit those old themes and once again get lost in stories about sheiks. This time the sheiks are modern businessmen and warriors. Not quite reality, but not total fantasy either.

A modern world threat has appeared out of the stark deserts and oasis of an ancient land. An old enemy with new wealth has gained power and begins a covert war of retribution. As one of the Kadir brothers says about their old enemies, “It’s like they have one foot in the twenty-first century and one foot in the middle ages.”
That’s how I feel about the whole Desert Sons series. I had a great time juxtaposing modern men and women against the backdrop of venerable legends and centuries’ old feuds.

The Kadir family is ancient. The tribe began in the middle eastern deserts as Bedouin travelers and traders—nomads. A few centuries ago the Kadirs had a run-in with another warrior tribe, called the Taj Zabbar, that lasted for decades. When the Kadirs finally left their territory, the Taj were decimated. Then their harsh neighbors, the Kasht, took the Taj Zabbar’s land and enslaved the remaining Taj. Five centuries later, during modern times, the Taj have at last obtained their freedom from Kasht.

But it is the Kadir clan whom they despise. The Taj have vowed to ruin and decimate the whole Kadir clan.

In HER SHEIK PROTECTOR, the oldest Kadir brother, Darin, must set aside his disbelief and accept the reality of a cold war with an enemy that the world does not yet recognize. Worse, he comes face to face with his own desperate obsession for love in the middle of fighting for his family. He finds his first true love—just as she becomes the target for revenge.

In BOOK TWO, the Kadirs are involved ever more deeply in their covert war with their ancient enemies, the Taj Zabbar. In the process of obtaining proof of terrorism to give to the world authorities, the Kadirs have learned that the long lost love of the middle brother, Shakir, is being held in the desert kingdom controlled by the Taj Zabbar. Shakir has no decision to make, he will come to her rescue. But his past love has other ideas. She’s there for a reason. And the reason turns out to change everyone’s lives and nearly costs them everything.

In BOOK THREE, Kadir youngest brother, Tarik, is undercover trying to obtain the information for U.S. authorities that will convince them of the Taj Zabbar’s pending threat. Unfortunately, he’s been saddled with a female cover agent partner that he finds sexy but a nuisance. Yet within days the two of them discover the world doesn’t have much time. The Taj have obtained a nuclear weapon and are preparing to use it!

The Desert Sons will be a fun way to ride into the mists of an ancient tale for a modern era. Come along with me. Let’s get lost in the story together.

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