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Her Sheik Protector (Desert Sons) Linda Conrad

Her Sheik Protector by Linda Conrad is the first book in her Desert Sons miniseries and was not only interesting to read but kept me on the edge of my seat with all of the intense intrigue and danger.

This was so unlike most sheik books which are usually set in the desert. The heroine Riley Hunt was from Texas and Darin Kadir even though he was from a Middle Eastern bedouin tribe, the book began in Geneva, Switzerland and then moved on to Milan.

Rylie’s father, Darin’s uncle, dignitaries, Hunt employees and the press were attending the grand opening celebration of Hunt Drilling. Before Rylie’s eyes, she witnessed a huge explosion which took all of their lives. It took six long months for her to heal. Because Kadir Shipping was also involved in the partnership, Rylie was going to attend a conference in Geneva and get to the bottom of things because she suspected the Kadir’s to be responsible for the explosion. She would make them pay because she and her mother had lost everything by trying to do the right thing and pay off the Hunt employees families who had lost their loved ones.

Kadir being the oldest felt it was his responsibility to attend the very same World Industry and Shipping conference in Switzerland. He and his brothers thought because of a century old feud between the Kadir and Taj Zabbar family, they might have been responsible for the explosion due to recent changes in the Taj Zabbar family’s financial and political positions.

So much for being subtle……the spunky redhead who was barley able to stand and still weak from the accident, literally accused Darin and his family of her father’s death. And then such an unbelievable chain of events occurred. During the conference they noticed each other across the room but Rylie knew which one was Darin Kadir, with eyes locked on her, Darin witnessed her on unsteady legs fall to the floor and he was at her side immediately. Then she told him who she was an accused his family of being responsible for the explosion.

Darin and Rylie set up a meeting at a bar to discuss the explosion and then everything went haywire, from Taj Zabbar watching them, from the head of their family trying to abduct her in hopes of finding out information she might know. Then attempted kidnapping of Rylie, Darin killing one of the abductors and finding a Taj Zabbar secret document. Darin agreed with his brother’s to bring the document to Milan where they suspected the Taj Zabbar would try to follow. Rylie followed Darin and he had no choice but to take her with him to protect her. Then they both boarded a train to Milan and everything changes! Trust me, it was brilliant how everything was tied together and how Linda Conrad documented the family feud and the history of the two families. Don’t think the feud is over.

What I loved about Her Sheik Protector was immediately Darin Kadish new they were destined to be together. And for him that was quite something because he protected his brother’s after their mother died, he was afraid to love but in the end after they made love he was so moved and determined to have and protect this woman it was fierce. Darren was a planner and a man with lists. A man who didn’t fall in love; however Rylie moved him to tears. she was his…..had to be his and he would go to any lengths to protect her!

And Rylie, she was determined, strong, feisty and scared because she loved this man only after a few days together. He gave her magic and he scared her to death. But let me just say this, her determination to help him, in the end. what she would do for him was so incredible. I can’t remember ever reading about such a strong heroine as Rylie and in the end how she dealt with everything ……the abductions, the attacks, everything……she was fierce!

Her Sheik Protector was an high paced romance suspense combining family, feuds, passion, danger all rolled into one. I’m certainly adding Ms. Conrad to my auto-buy list and I look forward to the next story in this miniseries.

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Back Blurb:

Darin Kadir had to protect American Rylie Hunt at all costs. Seeking answers, she'd traveled halfway around the world to find him. Now she is a target of his family's arch nemesis and must trust Darin in order to survive.

Caught up in a covert war between two families, Rylie wants only to find her father's killers and bring them to justice. She doesn't want to fall in love. But the desire burning in Darin's eyes is unlike anything she's ever known. Will she surrender her heart—or become a casualty of a war across the ages?

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