Monday, September 13, 2010

In Too Deep - The Sheikh's Bargained Bride by Olivia Gates

Book 1 in A Summer Scandal miniseries it’s described “spend the season in the Hamptons, where the wealthy play hard and their passions run hot!”

The Sheikh’s Bargained Bride by the fantastic author Olivia Gates was book with all sorts of surprises because one is immediately given the insight that he cherished and adored his wife, but that was only for the press. Let’s just say I was shocked at the reason he married Sabrina Grant because it was obvious they had made love and that she adored her new husband. She was also confused why he stayed away from her until she found out her about the bargain he made with her father. A ridiculous one at that!

Again, set in the Hamptons and around the polo matches of course this rich sheikh would be involved as he was a top notch player and bred Arabians. He adored his animals but he mistrusted his wife because he believed she knew about the agreement he had with her father. However, he wanted her!

As a new bride Sabina Grant could not understand why her new husband had put a distance between them. They had been intimate when they were dating and she adored him and missed him fiercely. Why during the day in front of his friends and the press did he pay attention to her, touch her, act as if she was the most special woman in the world? Then nothing, no sharing a bedroom…..nothing!

Well it had to stop and then the most horrible thing happened she overheard a conversation one that explained that what he thought of her and why he married her and it broke her heart! However, in the end he lusted after her, he couldn’t help himself and she saw “red” and left him. Well, I loved a dark man, a mysterious one and in the end this particular royal was brought to he knees, I promise. Again, Olivia Gates has written a sensual dance between two extremely charismatic characters in The Sheikh’s Bargained Bride.

Book Description:

The Sheikh's Bargained Bride by Olivia Gates

Meet the shocked groom: Sheikh Adham saw marriage as a business venture, his wife a mere convenience…until they portrayed the loving couple in public. Would finally seeing his bride in a new light shatter all his rules?

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