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TO TAME A SHEIKH - (Pride of Zohayd) - Olivia Gates

Recently, author Olivia Gates was quoted in an interview saying she wanted to write this triology, Pride of Zohayd for years. To Tame a Sheikh was everything Gates desired it to be and more for this reader as her desert prince and his once childhood friend Joharea were truly magnificent characters and lovers. Their love story was “most intense, romantic, and a devoted love story.” It was magical to read!

As a child, Zohara Nazaryan and her family resided in the palace in the kingdom of Zohayd as her father was the royal jeweler. Her brother had been best friends with the King’s youngest son, Prince Shaheen. From the moment Zohara had set eyes on this older young man, she loved and adored him. And then as he grew older his distanced himself from she and her family and she never understood why.

Shaheen had advised his father he would accept an arranged bride but he also promised a friend before leaving, he would attend a party. Johara knew the man she had always loved was going to attend a party in his honor and she wanted to see him as it had been twelve long years. Then their eyes locked, he sought her out but for some reason he didn’t recognize her but he wanted her with such intensity, it sizzled off of the pages. He took her to his room, took her virginity and made love taking both of their breath away. In the morning she left and Shaheen had no idea of her last name or how to contact her.

Eight weeks earlier, Johara’s dreams came true when she laid in the arms of the man she had adored and loved. Now she was back in Zohayd to help her father as he was going to retire. And then they saw each other and Shaheen realized he absolutely couldn’t marry another woman, that this woman of his heart, the woman he had always loved even as a young girl but never admitted it was the woman he wanted permanently in his life. And then things changed for them both as well as the royal family. They found out that the royal jewels were fakes and of course suspicion was placed on Johara and her father. Even his older brother believed she was involved and his middle brother, well in the end believed she and her father had no involvement.

Reading about all three desert sheikhs makes me NOT want to wait for their stories if they are going to be anything like To Tame a Sheikh. It’s obvious that each brother is going to be strong, handsome, unusual and when he finally finds that special woman to love, he’ll fall hard.  Personally, I can't wait!

Johara’s and Shaheen’s journey was not an easy one because not only were facing the jewelry scandal that could take down their country, Johara was pregnant the family eventually learned plus the fact that the entire Zohayd tribal council were counting on Shaheen marrying one of their own. If he didn’t, it would cause a major war but he wouldn’t hear of it as he worshiped, adored and loved Johara and was determined to marry her and keep his child.

Would they get their second chance? Would the mystery behind the fake crown jewels be unraveled? If you believe in miracles, then believe in this love story, because with the support of family, they get their second chance along with the last few chapters setting the scene for the upcoming books in the series. To Tame A Sheikh was an incredible and extremely moving royal love story.

Behind the book:

“I’ve been dreaming of it for a very long time. I’ve been wanting to write this trilogy ever since I was writing my first sheikh trilogy for Desire, THRONE OF JUDAR.

This trilogy takes place in the neighboring allied kingdom of Zohayd, and the heroes are the half-brothers of Aliyah, the heroine of the final chapter in JUDAR’s trilogy, THE DESERT KING.

But I had to write five books in between to get here, so I was very anxious to start this book. Then when I did, the characters came alive, and defied my plans for them. My original plot was filled with conflict and doubt. But even though it was reasonable to doubt each other with all the evidence, the characters laughed at my logic. THEY knew each other, would never doubt one another, and I should butt out.

The result was the most intense, romantic, devoted love stories I’ve ever written. So far, I’ve gotten amazing reviews for it, and I’m thankful for and thrilled with each word of praise for those two exceptional lovers. I hope everyone else who reads their story will think the same.” O. Gates

Book Description:

He would possess her!

He’d noticed her across a crowded room, and in that instant Sheikh Shaheen Aal Shalaan wanted her. With just a few words, Shaheen had his mystery woman in his bed, where she awakened passions he’d long denied.

Then the sheikh discovered his lover’s true identity. She was Johara, his childhood friend, now fully blossomed into a vision he could not do without. But his lineage demanded he take a wife of the throne’s choosing. Anything else would have catastrophic results. Yet how could he turn away from the woman who carried his baby?

To Tame A Sheikh—Book One PRIDE OF ZOHAYD trilogy—Nov 2010
To Tempt A Sheikh—Book Two PRIDE OF ZOHAYD trilogy—Feb 2011
To Touch A Sheikh—Book Three PRIDE OF ZOHAYD trilogy—Aug 2011

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