Thursday, December 30, 2010

Olivia Gates at Holiday Bash

Well the holidays are behind us and soon is will be a new year.  Olivia Gates talks about her latest "sheik" books at Romance Author Hotspot.  Stop by before December 31st, there are lots of authors blogging and prizes.  I've donated some books to the cause from Marilyn's Romance Reviews.

Here's what she says about the behind the book story:

And Marilyn, about the backstory. I was going to include this particular premise in my first sheikh trilogy for Desire, Throne Of Judar, incidentally for the second book in the trilogy, too. But I thought it might be has too much danger, action/adventure elements for the line so I instead wrote The Desert Lord’s Bride with a different premise.

Then when I started plotting Pride of Zohayd, I felt such a desire to write this premise again, and this time, feeling more courageous, I wrote the proposal for it, among the three proposals I turned in to my editors for the trilogy.

And lo and behold. EVERYONE loved this premise most of all!!!!

I so hope readers love it as much, not only because I loved writing the book, but because this would encourage me to try more unusual premises that still deliver the lines promise of ‘always passionate, powerful and provocative’!

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