Saturday, January 22, 2011

Abby Green and her Sheiks


Shocking secrets of the sands!

When she gave herself to Sheikh Salman in Paris five years ago, Jamilah Moreau fantasized about wedding dresses and happy endings. But Salman was driven by desire, not diamond solitaires

Now, Sheikh of a desert kingdom, Salman can have anything he wants and, as Jamilah discovers when he spirits her off to a desert oasis, it’s still her! However, time has wrought changes, and their lovemaking is  longer enough

Something happened back in Paris that had everlasting consequences for both of them

Breaking the Sheikhs Rules is Abby's first sheikh book and I'm reading it at the moment.  Talk about an arrogant man and a sassy Irish redhead lass.


When Sheikh Nadim buys the O'Sullivan stables, Irish virgin Iseult is plunged into a life of glorious sensuality and luxury - for as long as she can obey Nadim's one cast-iron rule: don't fall in love with me...

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