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New York Times Bestselling Author Susan Mallery and Her Desert Rogues

Welcome Susan. My sheikh genre reading actually began with your Desert Rogue series. For me personally, this has been an exceptional and enjoyable reading journey.

Can you tell us about your The Sheik and the Bought Bride, your final book in your The Desert Rogue series? What inspired you to write this particular story?

Susan: There are several elements I’ve wanted to put in a story for a long time. I’ve been saving them for the right time. I wanted to tell a story that was outrageous and exciting and sexy. For me, the sheikh books are all about the fantasy.

How does it feel to have the series ending and will you ever write another sheikh romance?

Susan: I’ve learned to never say never. Ideas show up when they’re least expected. But for now, I’m reaching the end of my sheikh book story telling.

How did The Desert Rogue series evolve?

Susan: I started with three books and really never thought I would do more. But the reader interest was huge and the mail started pouring in. So I kept writing them.

Of all your sheikh heroes, who was your favorite and why?

Susan: Oh, I don’t really have a favorite. Every story, every hero, is special.

I love how your heroines are always strong and stand up to these Princes of the desert. Your sense of humor shines through along with the sensual tension you create between your characters. Who was your favorite heroine to write?

Susan: Again, no favorites. I’ve enjoyed them all.

I believe I once read in one of your interviews that you created your own regions and countries. Was there a reason for that?

Susan: Yes. The real world of the Middle East is complex and difficult. There are religious differences and deadly conflicts. My books are about taking people away from the real world. So I created my own countries where my romantic stories can take place. There’s no religious issues, no war, no disagreements, except between the hero and heroine.

Have you read any book from the sheik genre?

Susan: I read them all the time and love them!

Why do you think the sheikh romances appeal to readers?

Susan: It’s the fantasy of the powerful, royal male brought to his knees. Most people think it’s the love of a good woman that changes him, but I disagree. It’s not being loved, but loving that makes him see the value of connecting emotionally as well as physically.

Is a sheikh the ultimate alpha male hero - “bad boy”? Or is it the appeal of the unknown, even the forbidden?

Susan: I think he’s more bad boy than forbidden.

Do you think current events ever influence one’s love — or hate — of sheik stories, or do you think reader’s are able to put all that aside and just enjoy the story?

Susan: Most are. I have had people say horrible things about these books and about me because they can’t see anything but reality. In truth, romance is all about different fantasies. That’s why we read them—to be swept away. Who better to do that than a sheikh.

Susan, I want to thank you for joining Romance Author Buzz and I look forward to reading The Skeik and the Bought Bride. I want to thank you for all of the joy The Desert Rogue series personally brought me.

Susan: My pleasure!

List of Books in the Desert Rogue Series:

1. The Sheikh's Kidnapped Bride (2000)

2. The Sheikh's Arranged Marriage (2000)

3. The Sheikh's Secret Bride (2000)

4. The Sheikh and the Runaway Princess (2001)

5. The Sheikh and the Virgin Princess (2002)

6. The Prince and the Pregnant Princess (2002)

7. The Sheik and the Princess in Waiting (2004)

8. The Sheik and the Princess Bride (2004)

9. The Sheik and the Bride Who Said No (2005)

10. The Sheikh and the Virgin Secretary (2005)

11. The Sheik And The Christmas Bride (2007)

12. The Sheik And The Pregnant Bride (2008)

13. The Sheik and the Bought Bride (2009)

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I have been reading her sheikh's for a long time, love them.

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