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Secrets of the Oasis by Abby Green was full of sexual tension, secrets and lots of twists and turns. Add to this romance an extremely tortured hero Sheikh Salman al Saqr. with a past relationship with the heroine Jamilah Moreau.

In Ms. Green’s first sheikh release, Breaking the Sheikh's Rules one was introduced to Sheikh Nadim Bin Kalid Al Saqr and the lovely Irish woman Isuelt O’Sullivan. Nadim bought one of the O’Sullivan’s prize horses and took the horse and Isuelt back to his native country where she went to work for the stable manager and trainer Jamilah a childhood friend. Nadim and his brother Salman shared a past with Jamilah. Both sets of their parents had perished together. Nadim and Salman had been close as children and she had always loved him from afar. So you can well imagine years later when they accidentally bumped into each other in Paris and he saw how lovely she’d become, she was stunning. He had no problem seducing her and taking her virginity.

Their affair lasted only three weeks because Jamilah let it slip that she loved him and he sent her packing because he didn’t do emotional affairs and most certainly not love. He broke her heart in a very cruel way. He had seen way too much in his past childhood, had been tortured when years earlier a neighboring sheikh had captured his parents, along with he and his brother. Things had been done to him that no one knew about, horrible things and he was ashamed, very guarded and unfeeling man. However, what he didn’t know was he had gotten Jamilah pregnant and she miscarried. Now six years later, Salman was asked to return to his country to take over being an interim ruler while his brother and wife went back to Ireland for a vacation. You can well imagine the shock of Jamilah seeing this man again and for Salman she was lovelier than he ever remembered, he still wanted her and was determined to have her.

While out of the country, his brother requested that Salman fly to Paris to attend meetings in his absence and to take along Jamilah with him to negotiate and checkout a neighboring horse farm. He demanded she stay with him in his penthouse suite at the Ritz. He tormented her, made her feel so uneasy with his touches, kissed her, driving her crazy until she gave in and they took up where they left off. However, this time the affair was more intense. All I will say is from then on to the end of the book you absolutely won’t want to miss the sensual tension and passion this couple share. For some reason Salman shared more with her, even his tortured past. But it didn’t stop there because Salman made it very clear he wanted her but he didn’t do love nor commitment.

To protect her heart from further hurt, Jamilah informed him once they returned home there would be no more shared passion. However, Salman had other ideas and tried to be very creative to coax her back into his bed. He even went so far as to get her out into the desert on a pretense she was needed for her veterinarian skills. An oasis, lavish tent, incredible food and this handsome sheikh….temptation at it’s best. The ensuing chapters featured roller coaster emotion and more secrets revealed as only Abby Green can pen. This sizzling “sheikh” romance complimented and tied Green’s first book together and the ending chapters were extremely emotional to read.

Abby talks about Secrets at the Oasis at I(Heart)Presents

Book Description:

Shocking secrets of the sands!

When she gave herself to Sheikh Salman in Paris five years ago, Jamilah Moreau fantasised about wedding dresses and happy endings. But Salman was driven by desire, not diamond solitaires

Now, Sheikh of a desert kingdom, Salman can have anything he wants and, as Jamilah discovers when he spirits her off to a desert oasis, its still her! However, time has wrought changes, and their lovemaking is no longer enough Something happened back in Paris that had everlasting consequences for both of them…

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