Friday, November 18, 2011

Carol Marinelli - Heart of the Desert, International Giveaway

I've over purchased romance books this month, so I would love to share this marvelous book with you by the fabulous author Carol Marenilli.  I'm not kidding you, it will take your breath away.  I cried and cried at the end because I thought the hero and heroine definitely would not get their happy ending.

Meet Carol Marinelli:

Carol Marinelli was born in England to Scottish parents, then emigrated to Australia, where there are loads of Scottish and English people who did exactly the same, so she's very at home there.

She lives in the outer suburbs of Melbourne—pretty much in her car, driving her three children to their various commitments.

Carol first tried to write for Harlequin Mills & Boon while doing her nursing training in London. It was merrily rejected and she was devastated. Rejection became a regular friend over the next few years and she amassed quite a collection. Still, as the years moved on the rejections became more detailed and instead of weeping over them and scorning them, she finally read them. Properly.

In 2000 her first romance was accepted for the Medical Romance line and she lived happily ever after. Well, that's what she thought would happen but actually, no, it was then that the hard work really began!

Once published she discovered the Romance Writers of Australia—it would, she now knows, have been far easier on this journey to have discovered them earlier. Attending her first conference she realized that she wasn't the only person who lived with a constant cinema happening in her head—in fact they were all THE SAME! Different but the same and many wonderful friendships were made.

Carol now writes for both the Medical Romance and Presents lines and loves them both.

Back of the Book

Sheikh Prince Ibrahim refuses to bow to the duty that has destroyed his family, by locking away his emotions and shunning his royal responsibility.

Georgie is just the kind of woman duty demands he should avoid—streetwise, troubled and not interested in being queen—exactly the challenge Ibrahim seeks.

Trapped among the swirling sands, in the burning heart of the desert, Georgie finally surrenders to the brooding rebel prince—yet the law of his land decrees that she can never really be his.…

Where you can find Carol:

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Just follow this blog, comment and don't forget to leave your email address. Contest will end December 31st and it's international.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

To Touch a Sheikh (Pride of Zohayd) - Olivia Gates

If you love a hot romance, especially one set in the desert with one hot royal sheikh as only author Olivia Gates can deliver, you'll sincerely love To Touch a Sheikh. This was sadly for me, the final book in Olivia's  Gates Pride of Zohayd triology.  I would say probably one of the "darkest" sheikhs I've ever read and that was for a reason, betrayal!  I wondered if Prince Amjad's wounds would ever be healed and if he would find love his his brother's.

To Touch a Sheikh I would also describe as a romance/suspense because there were so many twists and turns;  betrayal, family drama and just plain hot sex!  Maram Aal Waaked was a lioness.  She was determined to have Prince Amjad Aal Shalaan not only in her life, but for the rest of her life.  However, what was on his mind, and that of his father and brothers were finding the jewels which had been stolen with fake ones put in their place.  His family honor and ruling their country were at stake and he had a plan but it backfired and in it's place the smart mouth and sexy Princess came in the place of her father.  So how to continue their plan for the kidnapping?  I could only see heat, no not desert heat but sexual tension and heat between these royals.

There were issues about the Princess's past, her father and first and foremost trust.  Because she gave him a different version of her past and she had given him everything, herself.  It was so very obvious that this adorable Princess wanted this man forever, but at what cost to her and to him?  Their time stranded in the desert was lovely to read.  They had both suffered so much thanks to duty at the hands of people that used them both.  To go any further into each of their past marriages, the rivalry between countries, and who would end up in power would ruin the last book in this incredible series.  Let's just say, this "dark" prince gets his happy ending with the woman who had stolen his heart.  This triology has been such a joy to read and I highly recommend all three books.

Back of the Book

No one gets past Prince Amjad Aal Shalaan's defenses. No one. But when Princess Maram shows up at Amjad's gala in her father's place, destroying Amjad's plans to reclaim what was stolen from his family, Amjad sees red…and uses a freak sandstorm to make her his prisoner of passion.

Swept to safety by the man she's always loved from afar, Maram knows she has one chance to make Amjad see her as a woman. His woman. But when the impossible prince and the unstoppable princess take shelter from the storm, neither is prepared for the aftermath of their desire…

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Meet Author Dana Marton / International Giveaway

Dana Marton is the award-winning author of several romantic suspense novels that feature fast-paced, gripping action set at unusual locations. International intrigue and unstoppable passion meet in her stories to create books that are impossible to put down and are sure to become reader favorites. Dana has come to writing after a business career and never looked back since. She shares her home with her family, two extremely loud and messy parakeets, and about a gazillion books that are threatening to collapse the shelves.

When not writing, she can be found either reading or gardening — two of her other ruling passions in life. To find out more about her and her latest releases, please visit her web site:

Black Sheep Sheik is the exciting conclusion to the six-book miniseries Cowboys Royale that I was asked to write with five other authors. I hope you’ll check them all out. Together the books tell the story of a brotherhood of royals who come to the United States on business and end up finding love. But each book is enjoyable on its own, having its own rollercoaster plot and heart-warming romance. Happy reading!

Back of the Book

Waking up from a coma in a remote Wyoming cabin, Sheik Amir Khalid thought he was dreaming when he laid eyes on the woman he'd spent one steamy weekend with. Dr. Isabelle Andrews was every bit as gorgeous as he remembered—and nine months pregnant. But when shots rang out and it was clear their hideaway had been discovered, Amir's questions had to wait. Desperate to keep Isabelle and his unborn baby safe, Amir vowed to personally guard them 24/7. And as the independent beauty fought him at every turn, he knew it wasn't just royal protocol that made him want to keep her by his side. He'd give up everything that was expected of him if it meant protecting the family he'd only just met. Including his life.


What is Harlequin Intrigue?

Here is what the publisher says: “Taut, edge-of-the-seat contemporary romantic suspense tales of intrigue and desire. Kidnappings, stalkings, women in jeopardy coupled with bestselling romantic themes are examples of story lines we love most. Whether a murder mystery, psychological suspense or thriller, the love story must be inextricably bound to the mystery where all loose ends are tied up neatly…and shared dangers lead right to shared passions. As long as they're in jeopardy and falling in love, our heroes and heroines may traverse a landscape as wide as the world itself. Their lives are on the line…and so are their hearts!”

Where you can find Dana Marton:

Dana's Website
Dana on Twitter

This contest is International and will end November 30th. To win a copy of this book, simply follow Dana on Facebook. Don’t forget to leave your email address so that you can be contacted.

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