Monday, January 09, 2012

The Call of the Desert - Abby Green

When it comes to reunion romances I'm a softy and the fabulous Abby Green throughout The Call of the Desert tugged at my heart strings.  Fate  brought them together at a fundraiser where Julia Somerton was delivering a speech.  Like I said, fate stepped in and twelve years later and placed them at the same event..  She thought her heart would leap out of her body.  Kaden, the ruling sheikh of Burquati was in London and she honestly thought she would die.  And then she remembered all of those years ago how he had dismissed her, broken her heart and sent her home.

Kaden couldn't seem to control his emotions and hunger for Julia.  However, he also remembered her betrayal and his emotions were all over the place, especially because he had rescued her from the rain and had taken her to his home.  Seeing her after her shower, drove him crazy, made him remember that love hurt, that you couldn't trust it because he remembered his father had married his mother for love and when she died it had changed his parent.  Plus the fact he remembered seeing Julia years earlier kissing a man and she had broken his heart.  She had filled his heart and soul and he had imagined they would always be together.  But everything had changed that fateful day and when his father had died.  That evening they were so drawn to each other they couldn't fight their feelings and I wondered if Kaden would seek revenge on Julia, for her supposed betrayal.

One learns that both of them had married but each of them were now single and/or divorced.   Would this man be the only man to have ever made her feel whole and would he destroy her again?  Could she trust resuming an intimate affair with him and keep her heart intact?  I sincerely doubted it and when he invited her to his sister's arranged marriage, I was shocked that she accepted because I knew he had the ability to again, break her heart.  Could she be the one to walk away this time, in order to save herself from devastation?

Trust me when I say The Call of the Desert was a stunning romance, written by the USA Today Best Selling author, Abby Green.  The beauty of the desert, their resumed love affair, their ups and downs, all of it sincerely a beautiful love story, with a twist that made their whole situation unpredictable.  You won't even believe what comes up and will change their lives forever.  Let's just say they re-woke something in the end, giving them their royal happy ending, thanks to the talent of Ms. Green.

Back of the Book:

Consumed by the heat of the desert Twelve years ago Julia lost her heart to Sheikh Kaden in the scorching Burquati desert. Sizzling nights in the sand dunes under a blanket of stars made it seem as if they were the only two people in the world. Until bitter betrayal destroyed everything... Julia meets Kaden again by chance – although the cynicism in his eyes and the sharp suit covering his powerful body make the Sheikh virtually unrecognisable. Julia knows she shouldn’t ignore the warning shadows of their past, but Kaden’s earthy sexual magnetism makes the call of the desert utterly overpowering...

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